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  1. I got fresh finger mullet at Harbor Tackle on Friday (10/15). Fished AI. Reeled in a lot of finger mullet heads with no tails - but didn't hook anything.
  2. Congratulations! Great fish! Hope your sister enjoys her fish dinner.
  3. Camping AI NP - Oct16-Apr14 $16/night Camping AI NP - Apr15-Oct15 $20/night Camping AI SP - $30/night AI NP requires entrance fee even if camping in the NP. Foot/Bicycle: No Fee Individual: $3.00 Motorcycle: $10.00 - 7 Days Vehicle: $15.00 - 7 Days Vehicle: $30.00 - Park Annual Pass, valid from 1/1 - 12/31. MD fishing license - none needed - $0 NOAA National Saltwater Angler Registry - required - $0 Walk to the beach (no OSV) - $0
  4. My family loves to camp at AI. I usually think of AI as having three parks: 1) Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Virginia end, 2) Assateague National Sea Shore - NPS park - on the Maryland end, and 3) Assateague State Park - MD park - on the Maryland end. I don't know if Chincoteague has any camping but there are private campgrounds around (Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce Directory - Accommodations). We've never camped down there. Assateague SP is not open year round, Assateague NP is open year round. Assateague SP has hot water showers and flush toilets, Assateague NP has cold water showers and (very nice) chemical toilets. Assateague SP costs a little more. When camping w/ family we usually state at the SP but when I go alone I usually stay at the NP. We usually camp in the fall (Sept/Oct). The weather is variable but we always have fun. I have two girls too. They always get in the water - but not always a long dip. We don't generally camp AI in the summer because there are too many people, too many files, and often too hot. But lots of people love it in the summer - you just have to know your family. For fishing - there is no pier. People fish the beach. Lots of people here can talk more about AI surf fishing than I. (I'm trying to learn surf fishing too.) From reading here it seems that more people fish the NP than the SP. That is probably because the NP allows beach driving and the SP doesn't. You can walk across and fish on both SP and NP. When I go I always try to stop by Bucks Place (611 & 376) and Harbor Tackle (Sunset Ave & Golf Course Rd) to find out what's being caught and what bait they are using. Oh - and my girls always want one trip up to OC to get Thrasher's FFs.
  5. Looks like you all had a great time. I may have seen you leaving... I was in Central Florida with the family Dec 24-30. We went to Port Canaveral to check out the fishing and the manatee - the manatee like to hang out at the locks and the kids always like to look for them. While at the port we watched the Disney ship leave.
  6. 175 takes you to the Virginia end of Assateague Island (aka Chincoteague). 611 takes you to the Maryland end of Assateague Island where you have both Assateague National Sea Shore and Assateague State Park. Most people seem to fish the national park end. The state park campground closed a couple of weeks ago. The national seashore has camping year round. Good luck.
  7. Took my first fishing trip to OC/AI. Been there many times but this was the first fishing. Left late Saturday. Got to the OC Rt50 bridge at 1230am Sunday. They were catching stripers, but nothing I saw was a keeper. I fished the OC inlet 1-3am. Caught a lot of blue in the 10-12 inch range. Kept some for bait. Sunday, after a little sleep, fished the beach at AI. I am a walker so I fished near the South Beach parking area. I used cut blue, cut bunker, and finger mullet. Only thing I managed to catch was more small blue. Also used salted shrimp and salted squid. Something was eating it but never caught anything on it. Also threw some metal lures in the surf to pass some time but got nothing. Checked out the fishing in OC between 2nd and 4th bay side. They were catching quite a few tog using crabs. Only a few were keepers. I'll probably head back in two weeks and try again.
  8. I was trying to decide between the Shimano Baitrunner, the Penn Slammer Liveliner, and the Daiwa Sealine Black Bite & Run. Based on input from the forum I went with the Baitrunner. I opted for the 8000D (20 oz) rather than the 12000D (30oz) because of the weight. Thank you to everyone for the input.
  9. If Badgoat is considering the Penn Slammer 760, should he also look at the Penn Slammer 760L (Liveliner)? Do people like the liveliner?
  10. I was at Bass Pro yesterday. They had the Shinmano Baitrunner D series. I was looking at the Baitrunner 8000D. Didn't see any Baitrunner xxxxB reels. (I'm trying to decide between the Baitrunner and the Penn Slammer Liveliner.)