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  1. A number of years ago I decided to go conventional also. My choice at the time was the then available 10 ft, Ben Dooer Surf System rod from St. Croix. I topped this rod with a Penn 310 and have had great success with it over the years on the Delaware and Maryland beaches. This fall, I bought a 9ft. Tica conventional and installed an Ambassadeur 6500C3 bait caster. This has turned out to be a super combo in many respects including landing 10-12 # Blues in a recent surf blitz. I.M.O. Tica rods are as good/ better than St. Croix's at 1/3 the price and of course, the Ambassadeur reels speak for themselves.
  2. We fished bait and it was a mix of Finger Mullet, Bunker and some frozen Bluefish from previous trips. In one case, a Slammer BIT OFF a 6/0 Stainless Wide Gap hook. Memorable!!
  3. My Buddy and I were on the beach at 3R's on Friday about 8:00 A.M. to take advantage of incoming. The wind was 3 knots E to SE all day. As for action, a guy down the beach caught a short Striper and that was IT! At 4:00 all hell broke loose and the Slammers arrived. Pandamonium till around 5:30 or so with the fish in the 10 to 12 # range. Worth the wait and definitely an expirence. On Saturday however, it was a complete 180 as the West winds at 30 plus knots put a halt on surf fishing.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to giving the Red Drum some attention.
  5. How about Rigs? Circle hooks , 5/0 or 6/0 / Fish finder rig ?
  6. Does anyone have any tips on catching Red Drum at Assateague? I'll be heading down to O.C, soon for two weeks and I would like to give the Drum a try. Thanks
  7. I plan on going to O.C.for two weeks starting Sept. 27th. I usually hit Assoteague pretty hard.
  8. Hi Guys, I hail from PA and especially enjoy surf and jetty fishing in DE, and MD.