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  1. Can't be because of weather...is this a typical closure? Not than I plan on walking that far this weekend anyway....
  2. I have been to AI twice this fall, on state park side. Going this Sat to National Park, parking and taking my cart along the beach to wet a line not too far down. Follow the reports here; bottom line, you never know, but then again, that's what keeps us going back. (Tough to sell to my 12 year old son) It sounds like the vets that know what they're doing are catching fish every now and again; you can learn alot by visiting here quite frequently. Every time I have gone we have caught fish...mostly blues in the surf on mullet rigs, occasional flounder (out of season), doggies. Haven't had anything that I want pick up an 8 and bait fishfinder yet...but there's always this Saturday.