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  1. I was out in 6-9 seas last summer on my kayak in Nagshead after a big storm rolled through and thought I was done for. I could barely hold onto to my kayak getting beaten by big wave after big wave waiting to get a break in the waves to paddle out. Once I got out pas the first set, it was so choppy and rough I chickened out and looked for the first wave to ride in, paddled over the face, looked down, said I am too old for this and bailed headfirst. I am never doing that again. I only wish someone was filming that one.
  2. Thanks Jim, that was intended as humor, I will be staying home unless the seas change. I may try a few weeks after when I have time off again.
  3. So at 10-13 foot seas, how many ounces should I put on my rig? Maybe I will take an anchor and yak out my baits.
  4. Any local hotel recommendations, will need to pick up bait on the way out so I was thinking about staying in West OC.
  5. Any of you experts on AI have any thoughts on the weather being created by IDA and how it may effect surf conditions later this week or this weekend. Planning to head down there this weekend from central PA and am hoping not to get blown out.
  6. Jim, thanks for the heads up. I know its hit or miss time wise, would you suggest moving the trip up like the weekend of Oct 10 to try to get into drum, or back for better shot at striper or blues, or is this date as good as any for blues. I know I used to fish for blues in NC usually later in the years.
  7. I am planning a weekend trip to <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym> around the 24th of October to overnight on the beach and fish. I am looking for any suggestions or recommendations in regards to logistics, how far down beach to go, can you camp on the beach directly, thinking about tides of course, if not any campsites recommended? Is this too late for red drum? If so, what else is running at this time? I am a semi experienced surf fishing and am planning on bringing several large spinning rods, to shorter trolling type rods which I will kayak out past breakers. Do I need a license? Are there any day/weekend 4wd passes? Any and all suggestions are appreciated?