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  1. Thanks. That's good to know. The cost of PowerPro was holding me back for a while, but I found it on sale at half price (e.g. 80# or 100# 500 yards at $32 and 1500 for $90 and thought it might be the right time to buy. Sometimes I fish on the Chincoteague side and when I was there in late August, it was shallow for a long, long way. Was that because of some storms earlier this summer? How deep do you guys try to fish for large sharks? [Edit - Just checked again and it looks like they priced it wrong a couple of days ago. The price is up to around $53 for 500yds and $125-$140 for 1500. Oh well]
  2. I picked up used 4/0, 6/0 and 9/0's (1 each) and need to spool them for yaking bait off the beach. I understand that a lot of people like PowerPro with a topshot of mono, which sounds good to me. But that's where I'm stuck. How much PowerPro and Mono should I buy and what # test? And of course, how much should I put on each reel? Should they all have the same test line? I think the PP comes in 300, 500 and 1500 yard spools. How do I know how much length I've put on the reel other than "it's half full" or "well, there goes the 500 yard spool"? I'm really having a hard time grasping what the capacities are for each reel with a combination of lines (besides the fact that they are usually rated for lengths of mono). Finally, any recommendations on a brand for the mono topshot? Thanks, Jim
  3. I'm considering driving 4 hrs to AI - Chincoteage to fish with my son. Weather is questionable in Saturday and wonder about the fish prospect. Do you think this weekend would be worthwhile?
  4. I've been to AI on the Virginia side, but never in MD. I was thinking of going in a week. Is beach fishing decent near the campgrounds? Do you have to drive on the beach to get to a good place for redfish? And is a permit required? Driving is only an option if my buddy goes joins me in his Jeep. Thanks
  5. Thanks. That's what I'm looking for. I just bought these rods and reels and that gives me until next summer to do some work on the rods (the guides are shot).
  6. Thanks, I'll probably take your advice on that. I assume there won't be much beach sharking 'til next year. What's the general schedule for beach sharking in this area?
  7. I'm planning to fish Assateague Island (Virginia side) in September or October. Are sharks within range at that time of year? Big sharks? If so, what kind of bait should expect to use at that time of year? I have a kayak and Penn 113,114, and 115s on short rods. Oh, and will it be too cold to yak bait out? Or, am I wasting my time? Should I focus on reds or something? Thanks.