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  1. nice catch there sam i'll be heading out in a week or so tight lines:icon_salut:
  2. Heading out tue. to fish the bay at PLO will be drifting some liveline spot and soaking some blood worms. I'll be the one in the Lime green Trident 15. from what i hear rock are already in near the chain bridge.... tight lines:happy8:
  3. Fished the potomac river near Chain bridge throwing 7inch joined magnum long A Red head and sliver body pulling in some 38'' to 43'' gals stuffed with herring. high tide seems to be the magic time. I'll add some pictures later:)
  4. i'm not a big drinker, but in addition to our rates going up they are taking away our privileges one by one. Although fishing can be great at times, there are lulls during this time where a nice cold one would be enjoyable. Tight lines for the 2009 season
  5. hey Dave any word on the striper tx on AI for this year 2008 reply if you can i have'nt heard from catskills in a while(John)

  6. Catching the bigs ones no matter what even when the sand is blowing side ways on the beach:) Good luck to every one this year, May the Fishing Gods be kind to one and all:dog:
  7. well fall is among us, and hopefully the fish will be biting, and the skitters will not be. I'll be on AI from 5th through the 8th of Oct. serching for a nice cut to fish. i'm also bringing my yak and wetsuit and a few rods for toothy critters.. if any one is around, i'll be the one with the green pathfinder and yellow yak on top tight lines Jesse
  8. they might still have a good deal here check it out
  9. just wondering how i can get my donation. to the site
  10. sounds like you had a great weekend Dave, as for me it's back to the old grinding wheel:) maybe i'll catch you one of these weekends. By the way if you see John tell him i said hello. Tight lines
  11. sounds like you had a great time Dave, it's back to the grinding wheel for me:(. Maybe i'll catch you on a weeken..If you see John tell him i said hello . Tight lines