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  1. Hey trimlc, I'm headed down to Bethany this weekend and looking to do a little fishing with the boys. I was gonna start with some fishbites and go from there? good? and when you said 3r's road where exactly is that and will I be able to park and walk out or pay for the day and drive on the beach? Im really trying to catch different fish this trip, thanks for your help


  2. Thanks a lot...I'll be down soon. hope this weather still permits a little fishin
  3. I've been trying to land some nice fish in Bethany Beach all summer! I've tried mullet squid blood worms... different rigs. should I be fishing more bluefish rigs, bottom rig, whole mullet rig? Ive tried it all. someone please give me some suggestions so I can have a good night on the beach!
  4. Anyone catching anything in bethany beach DE? if what what on? ill be taking a ride down there in a week trying to hook up with a few blues
  5. Thanks Steve, don't have the trailer option, have been checking the papers and nothing has come up. Any good fishing spots I can try over the weekend before I get my boat here?
  6. Just moved to Annapolis from the eastern shore. Looking for some place to keep my boat for rock fish season. Just starting a new job so I don't have a lot of money, but I have a 26 foot deadrise thats fun for fishing if anyones looking to go. If you have any suggestions email me. Im looking to pay no more than $100 a month..yeah I know its cheap. Thanks