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  1. I had gotten a bunch of Cabelas Gift certificates for X-Mas,so the reels came from there. The rods I got at Susquehanna Fishing Tackle in Lancaster,Pa. They were actually $10 cheaper for the St Croix than Cabelas. I have to give a thankyou to Mike,who spent quite a while educating me about the rod choices. Next time the finances allow,I will be buying a new Penn Liveliner from them. Just kind of ran out of $$$ this time.
  2. We're heading down to Florida for a vacation, so I took the opportunity to buy a couple of combo's. 1st one is an 8' St. Croix Triumph surf rod that I put a Cabelas Salt Striker reel with 17 lb. line. This is the most I have ever spent on a rod. I have found lately that I always grab my 8 footer when heading to the beach,and the Okuma I had broke. The 2nd combo is a 7' Penn Allegiance inshore rod and a Penn Fierce 4000,and 12 lb line. I am going on My first ever guided trip down there,and even though tackle is provided,I might take this one along. Looks like We'll be primarily after Reds and Flounder. We are leaving Thursday,and for the first time in years,I am looking forward to Valentines Day!!
  3. Hope You feel better soon.
  4. It's all but new! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I've got less than $40 in the whole rig.
  5. I've always liked reading Sue Foster's Articles in "Coastal Fisherman". You can also read and learn alot from Her Oyster Bay website. If You scour the forums here,and anywhere else on line, You can pick up some things. I also like reading Sam's posts.
  6. I had My doubts,but at $5 I wasn't going to pass up a good reel. I am actually looking at the Squall.
  7. cool video BTW.
  8. Awesome! We are heading to OC in Aug. and I can't wait. I'm not real good at surf fishing, but each year I learn something. I'll probably take Her to Homer G. and turn Her loose with Bloodworms on a #6 circle.
  9. I have had great luck letting my daughter use small circle hooks for freshwater. Does anyone use them for Croaker,Spot etc.?
  10. I picked up a Like new Penn 209 at a yard sale for $5. I re-spooled with 20lb. Berkley BG. I also got a 7'6" Bass Pro Trophy Class rod that is rated for 12-50lb line. Will this combo work for Jetty fishing? Will it be castable?
  11. I've always been one to say"if it ain't broke..." Mono has been OK so far, and I only paid $2 for the whole spool of BG. I do have a Shimano Stradic 5000 that I Might try braid on one of the spools. I have 12 lb mono on now, what lb braid should I go with?
  12. I'm still on the fence about switching to braid. I might give it a try, but I haven't had any problems that I can say were due to using mono.
  13. Gotta respool my reels. Does color matter a whole lot for surf fishing? I've always used Berkley Big Game clear, but I got a really good deal on a spool of #20 green. Any thoughts are appreciated. I still might try braid though. What color should I look at there?
  14. I have always used spinning equipment. Looking to try a baitcaster from jetties. What reels should I look at? Looking for something to handle Blues,flounder,small stripers and sharks,etc.
  15. One thing I have found out over the years: You get what you pay for(Most of the time). I dont skimp on reels any more. Cheap reels tend to backlash and birdsnest quicker. I don't spend $500 bucks on one,but I will spend a little less on the rod B4 i go cheap on the reel. Just my 2 cents