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  1. used the peelers last night... lots coming back with their legs missing - no fish (
  2. heading down this tomorrow morning ) we always park around the bullpen, but was wondering if there was a "more favorable" place to go... any advice is welcome!
  3. Steve - I've been looking around for a used one, and even one I can rent, not having much luck though. ( I think I've settled on Wilderness Tarpoon 100, here's a link - WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Tarpon 100 Kayak : Buy the WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Tarpon 100 Kayak at Eastern Mountain Sports . Let me know if you have any thoughts. )
  4. mdhager Do you think it's worth the extra money to get a fishing specific kayak, or will any sit-on-top do? and thanks for the advice )
  5. Okay gents... help this lady out ) I love to fish, and would love to do so via kayak. I've been looking online for a good used kayak, but not sure what I should even be looking for. I've read some great posts about kayaking out for shark fishing, which I'd like to try at some point. Any suggestions on gear, yaks, or anything else would be greatly appreciated! Happy Fish'n
  6. Fished the Saturday night into Sunday. 4 Small blacktips, 1 Croaker and flounder (not a keeper) - all with squid. Hard as hell to hold bottom - but worth the trip! ) - Fishbites- bloodworms, didn't seem to get any attention.
  7. thanks Jim. never used a shockleader - still a rookie of sorts. did some research, after your posting, and it def. sounds like a good idea when fishing the bigger fish. I never seem to catch anything other than croaker or spot! LOL
  8. Thanks Jim. just caught a weather report saying that danny will pass by us saturday morning. sounds like the night and sunday could be good!
  9. is calling the Ranger Station the only way to find out if they close the beach? Plan on being on the sand by 9pm Saturday! )