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  1. To be honest i havent really been happy with the boat. The feul economy with the shallow draft and the Optimax on the back is awesome. It handles well and runs about 46mph with a 135hp. I can troll in the winter all day in the Chesapeake for rock on about $25 in gas. All good things, but Mako isnt what it used to be by far. I had a delamination of the gel coat after 6 months of purchasing the boat new and it took 7 months to get my replacement. The new hull did have some modifications over the original, ie. extra stringers that run from left to right and up the sides a bit. It is a much sturdier hull. A 2010 hull that i have might be ok, but i wouldn't go for a older hull of this model. Proline makes one very similar that i would recommend over the Mako after my experience.