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  1. To be honest i havent really been happy with the boat. The feul economy with the shallow draft and the Optimax on the back is awesome. It handles well and runs about 46mph with a 135hp. I can troll in the winter all day in the Chesapeake for rock on about $25 in gas. All good things, but Mako isnt what it used to be by far. I had a delamination of the gel coat after 6 months of purchasing the boat new and it took 7 months to get my replacement. The new hull did have some modifications over the original, ie. extra stringers that run from left to right and up the sides a bit. It is a much sturdier hull. A 2010 hull that i have might be ok, but i wouldn't go for a older hull of this model. Proline makes one very similar that i would recommend over the Mako after my experience.

  2. Looks like Bill has been upgraded to a CAT 4 hurricane and could reach CAT 5 before all is said and done. A front was supposed to be off the east coast in time to push it northward but according to this report its still too soon to tell. Keep your fingers crossed...that kind of storm could rock your boat for sure! Tight Lines! Hurricane Bill looms in Atlantic at Category 4 - Yahoo! News
  3. You're right, TroutBum, I recently got a new Daiwa Emcast combo from Bass Pro. Can't beat it for the money...also like those unadvertised sales in the store!