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  1. Headed down to Ocean City Monday night at 11pm after work. We left the dock in West OC on my Dad's friend's boat at 5am Tuesday morning and headed out to the Hot Dog for some Tuna fishing. My Brother hooked a nice Yellow fin (about 35lb's pictured) dropping the first bait down. We chunked from 7am-1pm only catching that one tuna and one take down. We started trolling back in and something bit a green machine. I picked the rod up prepared to fight but after it peeled line off the reel for a good 45 seconds the fish came off Took my Dad's boat out on the bay and drifted the East Channel and behind Assateague Island Thurday and Friday. We used Minnows for bait. I caught 3 flounder on thursday morning all about 15" (released) and caught 2 on Friday 14" and 15" (released). Also hit the surf Thursday night at 38th street. Used squid and hooked something but lost it reeling it in. Hopefully I can make it back down soon!!!
  2. Went out on my kayak the other day fishing on the susquehanna river in Port Deposit right in front of my house. I didnt catch anything. But I got a neat video with my phone of a catfish doing the backstroke lol
  3. Abu garcia Ambassadeur TGC6001C Left hand retrieve spooled with 50lb moss green power pro (2 months old) on a Quantum blue runner inshore casting rod IM8 Graphite, 7'0" MH, Line wt: 10-25lb, Lure wt:1/4oz-2oz Reel $65 Rod $45 Combo $100 Quantum Kevin Van Dam KV1101CXE Left hand retrieve 6.3:1 ratio on a Quantum KVD Signature series KVDC665CC 6'6" M, line 8-17lb, Lure 1/4-3/4 oz. This combo is only 2 months old and very little use. Reel $75 Rod $55 Combo $120 Penn 209 Level wind $25 I can take more pics of each item if need be just let me know what you would like to see. All rods and reels are used and in good condition. Will ship if needed. Paypal or cash accepted
  4. Fished the oceanic pier today from 3am to 8am. One short flounder about 15" on fishbites squid. Then went and fished the bulkhead at 2nd street with no luck. Saw a guy catch 2 small Tautog.
  5. Made the trip to OC today to do some fishing. Fished the inlet from 3 to 4 am with one bite. Made my way down to the oceanic pier and caught a shad on a gotcha plug first cast. And nothing but horseshoe crabs on squid. I was just happy I didnt get skunked.
  6. Sounds like a good trip Flatfish. What were you using for bait??
  7. I'm heading down to OC this coming weekend oct.24th gonna try for some tautog on the pier and inlet area when i get there. have the life guards moved off the beach yet? I was gonna park at the inlet and go out on the beach right there between the carnival pier and the inlet. Is that a good spot to try my luck at Reds and stripers?
  8. I don't really go to catch these fish but I caught one a couple summers ago at the OC inlet on a top/bottom rig fishing with sand fleas. But green crab,squid,fish bite blood worms,gulp and minnows would probably also caught them.
  9. Well my secret 7 catfish bait came today and I wanted to see how good it worked. Spent about and hour fishing today after work caught 4 channel cats and missed about 15. Secret 7 catfish bait is awesome they were hitting it as soon as it hit the bottom. No pics but anybody that fishes for catfish should pic up a bucket or two of it. Dont forget to get the dead red dip tubes and the FURY THANG bait holders.
  10. No the juices were both the same I meant that I had the pogys, shrimp, peeler crabs, that came in the bags but now there all mixed together in the juice. jerk shads, mullets, pogys,shrimp ext.
  11. Fish off the oceanic pier in ocean city. The tautog fishing is getting better down there everyday. Sand fleas I hear is the bait of choice live or frozen. I had a really good day out on the pier last time I went. Or like Steve said invest in a kayak thats what I'm doing February of next year.
  12. Yeah i know its like crack for fish =) Maybe I contaminated my baits by putting them all in the same container. What i did was I had two pints of gulp alive baits and the lids were leaking so I got a big tupperware container and put all my gulp baits in the alive juice. Do you think that could have ruined them??
  13. Is anyone using van staal reels. I'm about getting the vs300 reel for surf fishing. I like that it doesn't have a bail and they seem like they hold up to the elements really good and I like that they can hold alot of line. I'm also goona purchase the vsb150 for a small cast and retrieve setup. Anyone use or have experience with these? Likes and dislikes about them?