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  1. Nice pic! I stilll haven't managed to catch a hammerhead yet. I fished CHSP on Saturday. The biting flies were pretty terrible. I forgot to pack bug spray. At one point, I looked over at my buddy and he had blood running down his legs from so many bites. But regardless it was still a good day on the beach. Managed to bring in enough kingfish for a tasty dinner. I hooked on short flounder too.
  2. Fantastic few hours on the beach today. The trout action was fast and furious. The biggest I brought in was about 4lbs. They really are beautiful fish. Kept one for my dinner tonight.
  3. Hit the beaches yesterday. Caught nothing but skate after skate. The guy next to me brought in a beautiful 43in striper on a bunker head. Wish it could have been mine.
  4. Glad to see you're back in action, Finaddict.
  5. Thanks, Megabites. I appreciate it.
  6. Flatfish - Where did you find the bunker? If you don't mind my asking.......
  7. Caught two schoolies today about 16inches. Nothing else.
  8. I went to Perms and Worms yesterday on Route 1 to pick up some bait. All they had was frozen mullet. It must have been frozen then thawed and then frozen again. It would completely turn to mush in your hands as you tried to put it on the hook. Really frustrating. I'm not saying it was intentional but it is still crummy to sell bait in that condition.
  9. It looks like it should be a nice weekend. Anyone been out lately? I'm gonna hit the sand on Saturday and see what has shown up in the surf.
  10. I caught probably around 8 blues in the 16" to 18" range. Most of them were the small snappers. I think the largers ones should be here shortly though.
  11. It is tasty. Another great day on Monday. I had fun catching the blues on spoons. They'd hit it on almost every cast. They are definitely getting bigger.
  12. Great day on the sand. The blues were ravenous. Caught a few flounder too - no keepers, all in the 16in range. But had enough blues to fill the smoker and make a few tasty meals.
  13. Anyone been on broadkill lately? I was thinking about giving it a shot this weekend.
  14. The weather was great Saturday. Consistently caught the small blues but nothing over 14inches. All on mullet rigs. Threw out a couple top and bottom rigs and couldn't keep the dogfish off of them. Was using cut mullet.