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  1. also what are the license requirements about fishing on the beach?? all of that terribly confuses me thanks
  2. i'm going down oc in a week and a half. can't wait to get a line in the water. i'm not sure if i'm going to bother with sharks but i definately want to do some small fishing. does anyone know if the croakers/spot/kingfish fishing is as good around mid oc as it is on assateague??
  3. that is a pig. 47????
  4. This is one of the wilder shows i have seen on shark week by far. Crazy stuff you guys should really check this out. great whites going right through steel cages like their tin
  5. Anybody reading this should put on discovery channel. The show is named "When Fish Attack 3". It's showing a bunch of people mishandling sharks while fishing and getting bit up like crazy! Kind of funny/scary at the same time, as i wouldn't want to have something happen to me like that lol.
  6. yea that guy dave said he's going out i wouldn't even bother going down ahahhah nah good luck
  7. damn 12oz weights are haws. and a 19" flounder off the beach is good. i've caught small ones but never a keeper off the sand that's good stuff
  8. it sounds like the stripers are on like donkey kong. i might have to try to get down there soon. if i wasn't working so much. don't really feel like going on the weekend that might be a little too busy for my taste.
  9. i think a surf trip is in order within the week or so hopefully. i'm praying for no rain
  10. might have to get down there in the next week or two nice catch
  11. i was hoping to get down there this weekend for the george jones show and some fishing. not going to happen it looks like though. hopefully around the third week of may i can make my way down there for a full day of fishing
  12. hey there fellas just wondering what the charge is on the orv pass(overnight pass) this year. i know two years ago it was 110 i was hoping it didn't get more expensive. getting that itch to get on the sand in a month or so
  13. my god that's alot of delicious morsels right there. Is that one of those chinese crabs/invading species? you're threads are always the best loaded wiht pics thanks
  14. Hey there i was wondering where are some good public places to do some perch fishing at on the susquehanna are??? i've been itching to get out. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  15. those merganser pics are nice. nice for mounts but not much for the dinner table