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  1. only have a few more days down here and still havent caught a shark. if any tips come to mind that you think may help please put them out here!!
  2. ya i think im gonna throw out some of the spot i caught this morning see if i can get em. some guy next to me yesterday caught a three foot sandbar right after the life gaurds got off the beach.
  3. i thought i saw somewhere on this website that sometimes the sharks are only 50 ft. out? is this true or am i just thinking of something else.
  4. well i found the hot spot on the beach today.i caught 11 spot and 1 kingfish for shark bait. there were guys on each side of me and they didnt catch anything. so the one guys was trying to catch spot for sharks also but since he didnt catch any i gave him one and he caught a 28" striper on it. we will both be out tonight trrying for the sharks again.
  5. no luck tonight. not even the crabs wanted the bait. got out a little later then i wanted to b/c i had to go eat with the family. will go out tomarrow morning and tomarrow night. hopefully catch some kingfish for bait tomarrow morning instead of just using bunker.
  6. ill be coming down tomarrow for a week so i should have a real report up tomarrow night.
  7. i just read your report. congrats! thats a big sand tiger.
  8. thanks it seems like i can use all the luck i can get!!
  9. im coming down next week and ive been looking at all of the reports and the posts you guys put up and it doesnt seem like there are any sharks around. and except for the rays and some kingfish it doesnt seem like anything is around. i was just wondering im what im seeing and reading is true and if so what is the reason?
  10. circle hooks are all i use for surf fishing except for bluefish.
  11. what size hooks should i use for casting shark baits off the beach. i was guessing a 9/0 -12/0 but i dont know if thats right
  12. local tackle shops will sell them pre made but ive found that most major fishing companies (i.e. cabelas, bass bro, etc.) usually don't sell them and if you do stumble apon one of those stores that sell them they are usually poorly made.
  13. Long Ranger Heavy Duty Fish Finder Rig- Blue- [Heavy_Fish_Finder_blue] - $0.60 : Oyster Bay Tackle, Fishing and Boating Gear, Ocean City MD, Retail Fishing Tackle including Fishing Rods, Reels, Lures, Surf Rigs, Boat Fishing Rigs, Off Road Vehicle Ac this tackle shop is right next to the green turtle in oc she has them for $.60 a peice both online and at the store
  14. nice thanks guys