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  1. I just got a 12 ' Emcast combo from Basspro as well ... quality product with a nice BIG reel .. I think it holds 320 yds of 25# test. Paid like $114 with a 600yd spool of 20# P-Line CXX X-tra strong mono, delivered.
  2. Thanks PierMan. I definitely don't want to be surf-fishing for the first time surrounded by people ... I don't think I trust myself just yet swingin 6 oz of riggin from a 10' rod without a wide berth. Guess I'll play it by ear and see how busy it is right by this particular condo ... can always fish one of the piers as a back-up plan. Is there a particular rig I should use to avoid tangling with the sharks and stingrays? Maybe just a simple 1 or 2 hook bottom rig?
  3. Hi all ... I just joined the forums and enjoying the great info. I am an experienced freshwater fisherman but my recent salt water experience is limited to deepsea charters and near-shore bottom fishing. I am very excited about trying my hand at surf fishing when I bring the family out to Kill Devil Hills for the week of 15-22AUG. I think I know what I need to bring in terms of gear ... my biggest question is: We are renting an oceanfront condo there in Kill Devil Hills - can I fish the surf right there or will it be too crowded on the beach? I would prefer to avoid drivin anywhere. To help mitigate beach crowd issues (and hopefully fish are hungrier) I was planning to fish around sunrise and sunset. Will it matter for either the crowd or the bite at those times? From what i have read, it sounds like folks are mostly catchin Spot, Croaker, and some Bluefish. Should I just throw out a fishfinder rig and see what bites or is there anything in particular to target at this time of year?