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  1. Kevccoysr now is a good time to try and get into those spawning Stripers, It's C&R above the canal. I personally like Augustine because of how close it is to us Northern guys, "sand", and the porta-potties. I'll be out next weekend at a shore "Fish-off" in Northern Delaware with some guys from another Forum.
  2. Honestly I'd be more cautious about eating anything out of this NCC Dupont soil than the waterways. But I'm not and it's just a "label" they put on everything now...
  3. I just moved here in 2007 to Newark myself. The canal is a great place, theres a decent fishing pier on the south side or if you're move adventurous you can try the rock jetty. Also close by us up here in New Castle County, Augustine or New Castle beaches are good for catch and release stripers this time of year.
  4. I'll be at Lurefest this year too, getting rumors of the striped one's up this way in New Castle.
  5. This much in Newark last weekend, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....
  6. I'm a transpant, die hard flyfish-trout guy from Utah. I want to learn to adapt to this landscape! I've tried from tips and reading "Salt fish and Cafe-loc" posts for 2 years now. My wifes in school pretty hard till spring, I'd love to set something up to learn how to fish these waters....

  7. Awesome, I wish the best! I have 3, 2200 miles away. They're precious!
  8. Good tidings to all, and good luck in the future! Hope everyones guts are stuffed by now.
  9. Is This Running on Linux/Unix or a Windowz Server?
  10. Rrrrrrrrrrrr, GETTING SO ANTSY TO CATCH MY FIRST STRIPER OR FLOUNDER!!! Heck anything! Sorry, had to vent! Cabin fevers getting really bad, hoping to sneak down there on the 14th or 15th...
  11. Theres a public dock on the canal you can fish from. Could that be what was referenced?
  12. Hey Joe, I'm right in your neighborhood. I'm always out when I can; usually quick trips to the C&D canal or Augustine beach. I'm right near OBP & 273, maybe we can drown some bloodworms together sometime?