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  1. Dude! Nice fish! That sounds like quite an adventure. Hopefully I can make it out to Back Bay this weekend. Thanks for posting.
  2. Nice play by play commentary Dave. Awesome fish. Biggest Red I've ever seen. We are waiting for them down here in VA!!
  3. I read somewhere that the micro guides are better for braid... also watched a video of a long casting demo and they put a spinning reel with braid on a casting rod and it casted better than on the spinning rod with larger guides. I know I've had issues heaving with braid on my big spinning rod, line wrapping around a guide in mid cast and POP goes another rig... I switched back to mono, but I'm gonna try braid again on this spinning reel on a casting rod and see how it does.
  4. Hey fish-o-holic, I don't know about the travel rods you asked about, but I have a 2 piece (6' ea) 12' Ugly Stick Custom bait casting surf rod that I'm looking to sell. It fits in a 6' rod travel carry case. It's a nice graphite rod, not like the regular flimsy Ugly Stick surf rods. It's the Custom graphite type that is lighter and stiffer. I used a Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag reel on it and it casts great. Also selling the reel too. I prefer to use spinning reels. Just wanted to throw this out there. I'm going to post it for sale on here too. Jack 757-339-9913
  5. Looks like a great day out there W-L. Nice post. Thanks.
  6. Awesome day Brian and great pics as always.
  7. Oh yes, it was a blast. We released more black drum than we kept. The limit is 17" for both the black drum and reds. The locals call the black drum just drum and they call the reds redfish. Popping corks were a fun way to fish. The black drum were very subtle. When they were taking the bait it looked almost like a crab was messing with it. They would pull it slowly and the cork would barely go under, but when the reds hit, they would hit it hard and run. The popping corks are definitely going in my arsenal. Going to Beaufort, SC in June and should find some more good inshore fishing there. Also may go out and try for some bull reds off the Eastern Shore at the shoals this weekend. I've been hearing that the upcoming days around the full moon (15-18) could be some of the best fishing times of the year for the bull reds. Thanks for the replies WD and WhittL. Hopefully I'll have some more pics to post next week.
  8. Thanks guys. Here's what we caught the next day fishing in the jon boat. We were catching both black and red drum in the same area using popping corks and shrimp next to rocks on a channel next to the levy. Kind of weird looking over the levy and down about 20 feet to land.
  9. I had the opportunity to go work near New Orleans for a few weeks. This is supposed to be a good time of the year for the Redfish here. Scouted around for some bank fishing spots and talked to the locals. Went down to Venice to a nice spot and caught this nice 28" on a gold spinner with plastic jig. The locals all recommended using the popping corks with shrimp. We tried but the fish didn't want it that day. So I switch to the spinner bait and first cast I got a hit and missed it, second cast it barely hit the water and BAM! Line screaming off. Fun on my bass spinning rod. Renting a boat this week and going out with one of the locals. Hopefully I'll have a good post.
  10. Went out last Saturday on a head boat out of Rudee for the afternoon half day trip. Slow bite but still a fun trip. $60 from 4-9pm. They just started this trip and testing the response. I'm sure it will get much better soon. Long way to the <acronym title="Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel"><acronym title="Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel">CBBT</acronym></acronym> from Rudee tho. About an hour ride. Here's a pic of my buddy's 24". I know, it looks smaller but he's a pretty big dude .
  11. I could handle getting "tired" of catching those too. Nice action photo.
  12. That's a monster Bucket!! Makes all that time put in worth the effort. Nice fish.
  13. Been fishing Rudee Lake for a few days the past couple of weeks. Lots of small specks and some puppy drum. Starting to see some bigger specks recently. Saw a couple come in on two kayaks with 2 stringers of croakers that looked like puppy drum size. Biggest croakers I've ever seen. Didn't have my camera handy. Jack