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  1. Awesome. Thanks.
  2. I am a native of Maryland, but my brother is working for Americorps in South Carolina. My older brother and I want to visit him in mid-October, and do some fishing also. My question is, will there still be sharks to catch that late in the season? I know in Maryland all the sharks will be gone, but the water is warmer in the south, so I thought we may have some luck. Thanks
  3. More than you! Haha, that's awesome.
  4. Weird past couple days for me. First night had nothing but a small (~3ft) sandbar shark caught in my line. Managed to reel it in and found out it had another small line wrapped around it's tail. I have no clue how I managed to bring it in without a hook, but he swam off happily free of tangled line. Second night I had a nice fight with a big butterfly ray. First one for me and I was shocked at how strong it was until I saw how big it was at 4-5' wide and heavy! Later that night I was bringing the lines in ready to leave and didn't realize I had a sandbar shark (~2ft) on my line until it was on the beach! I thought that my weights seemed a tad too heavy once they reached the suds, haha. Strange catches, but fun nonetheless!
  5. Does it have have to be fishing related?
  6. Oh ok cool. I knew sandbars were common, but I wasn't sure. And yea, I was only keeping my knees on it's sides so it wouldn't twist around, it was the only pic I had. Thanks for the info.
  7. Here's a picture of them, and all baits were yakked out ~300 yrds with bunker. I'm the one in the white shirt, also the hooks were completely removed from the two smaller sharks and they were out of the water for no longer than 5 mins. Hmm...from what you said, I wanna say dusky, but I'll let oyu take a look...sorry, I don't have any side shots of the first one right now, but it was the same species as the last shark.
  8. Had some luck for our first time out last night. First was 58" dusky/spinner/sandbar (i don't know the difference...), then a 7'6" sand tiger, and finally a 52" of the previous species and a small clearnose ray. Great night with consistent action.
  9. I have a pair of polarized Oakleys. The lenses cover my entire eye and block out all the refelections. Very comfortable, worked at a golf course for the past three summers and hardly even notice them all day. Got em' relatively cheap too!
  10. That's pretty insane. My sister goes to school down there, I suppose it's time to go visit her.
  11. That's just messed up! Anyone that does that should be in jail. I don't think banning shark fishing will do THEM any good at all. At this point it should simply be a case of finding out who is doing that.
  12. Again Mustad. Simply because that's all I have used and they work...thats all I need.
  13. That's what I've heard. I would hate to get stuck out there when the fish are biting.
  14. Oh ok. Haha, I was wondering how you guys paid for all those trips to AI. That's actually a good deal!