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  1. Thanks alot for the information. I have fished in both places once each last year. It was for the different time of the year as well, so I wonder if that make a difference. Fish_on is dead on on the Rays on the bridge, but since my friends and I just wanted some fun and fight with the fishes, rays are pretty fun to play with. One other very nooby question is that, the last time I was fishing for tog. I used sand flea and green crabs, I am not sure if I was not hooking it right or what, the tog was able to suck all the meat out and leaving the shell. What is the correct way to hook them and what kind of hook to prevent this from happening?
  2. Hi All, I been reading this forum for sometime and find some very useful tips about fishing. I am a noob, so please excuse my ignorant questions. My friends and I are going to camping in Assateague on July 31 to the Aug 2nd. Will there be any tautog in the bulkhead? I also notice a little fishing area below the bridge crossing Assateague, is that a good place for fishing at night? and what I would expect to catch with what bait from there? I appreciate all the help from you experienced fisherman. Thanks!