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  1. Very nice...what did you use?...whole Blues?....were you in Fennwick?...I have been trying for a Sand Tiger all summer.
  2. That sounds familiar, I caught a little over a 5 footer on the beach where a surfer was right next to him on his board...he was actually thanking me for catching him and tooks a few pictures for me, ask you buddy if he remembers this picture?
  3. Thanks guys, I guess I need a kid willing to get out there while I man the rods...almost happen to me Weds morning, went over to another angler who was giving me Blues and my rod was in the water. I got it back with a 3' Dusky on the end of it.
  4. Kayaked-out baits...never tried it but seems like I have to in order to catch a bigger shark, how far out and what time do you usually drop it?