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  1. Great catches! They're only gonna get bigger! Next time snap some pics for the boards.
  2. Well he already has short-term memory loss, so there's no telling if the fish affected him, haha. Nice size striper you got! Keep 'em coming, trophy season is right around the corner.
  3. That little guy sure does love fishing more than anything! He caught two channel cats about the same size the day before too. Nice catches!
  4. Been fishing the pond behind my friend Robs (Fish_On) house for the past few weeks with no luck whatsoever. But a few days ago (been too lazy to post) no joke the very FIRST cast I threw it into the hole and hooked up a decent size bass. I was using a carolina rig with about a 6" dark blue/purple worm on it. I'm just happy to finally hook up on one after fishing this pond for such a long time. I didn't weigh it but I'd guess about a 2-3 pounder. Anyways, here's a pic enjoy.
  5. Great catch!!! Good looking fish right there.
  6. Heck yeah! Not the biggest Striper but after four or five times out trolling, it's nice to finally catch a couple. Funny thing is I was telling Jamal that if a fish is on then you'll hear the reel scream and no joke about a minute later... zinggggggggggg!
  7. Great day of fishing man!! Any pics of the fish?
  8. I ended up not going that weekend. I plan on going either this weekend or next. When I do go, I bought a bunch of the crankbaits you suggested to try out. All different sizes, colors, and diving depths. I plan on hitting the structures and muggy spots where they tend to hang out and I'll let you know. Trust me if I catch anything big I'll be taking pics and posting it
  9. I'd take fishing over cutting the grass anyday, I like your priorities
  10. Boat fish certainly do count! You should have heard this man screaming when it hooked on, haha. It definitely looks bigger than a 4-pounder. Supposedly there is a 10-pounder in this same pond. We'll get it!