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  1. No luck for me on AI today. Allen got a 25 in blue.

  2. On Saturday, went out on a flounder boat, got a keeper 18 in. it was in the bay. Had lots of fun my first keeper......
  3. Went to <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM> Friday night got 3 bites and 3 hook had a good night, and gave some blood too.. bug were bad. Watched the fox and the horses on the beach under the bright moon.
  4. Crossing the Bay Bridge about 8 pm going to <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM>. Can anyone tell me where i can get fresh bunker that later or later. Is there any 24hour bait shop. Any bait place to get bait by the bridge or in easton , salisburg area, or any docks i can get it from a boat.
  5. Fishing late saturday with Dave and friend's had lots of fun. My boy friend Allen is the shark fisher men , I just take the pics...