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  1. Got my new Penn 525MAG and 10' rod for X-Mas! Cant went to try it out! I am debating on loading it up with braided line. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  2. Ok! Thanks for the info! Checked out the Penn525MAG online & it looks like the way to go. Now I know what to tell the wife to get me for X-mas. Thanks , again! Fish-on!!!!
  3. I want to get a new rod & reel set up for surf fishing! I have always used spinning outfits for the surf. I am interested in a conventional type bait casting reel and a rod to match. Any suggestions? I have Penn spinning reels and they have always been my favorite. Is there a Penn conventional reel that is good for casting on the surf? I have a couple older model Penn conventionals but I don't think I can cast with them. What are most of you guys using ?
  4. Gone to try to head down this weekend if the weather holds up! I haven't done much surf fishing this time of the year so I am really looking forward to it.Had a great summer fishing with the help of some great tips and tricks picked up from this site! Thanks!!! I will be looking to cast net for some mullet! Any hot spots now?
  5. Hey Tim don't feel bad! I had a bad day too! Went to Savages Ditch and the beach was pretty empty so I parked my Jeep about fifty yards away from anyone. Rigged my pole walked out in the surf about up to my knees and to my surprise I feel something around my ankles. Well the idiot down the beach had a one ounce sinker attached to his line. No hook , no bait nothing but a sinker ! So I am standing in the suds with his line in my hands , arms up in the air and no one acknowledges me. So I start pulling on his line and I can see his pole bouncing around in his holder and suddenly he runs to his pole and gives it a yank! As if he is going to catch a fish on a sinker ! Idiot has the nerve to ask me if I crossed his line ! Jerk! Hey Tim a bad in the suds is still better than a good day at work ! Fish on! Beware!! The dune crossing at Savages Ditch is realy soft and deep! I saw a lot of stuck trucks yesterday ! Helped one guy dig out and man was he in deep. Keep the hammer down !
  6. How well do the fishbites compare to the real thing? I've seen them in the shops but was always skeptical about them. I am debating on a new rod/reel outfit ! I have a couple spinning outfits and just picked up a new Tsunami 10' surf rod for a Penn 750 I have laying around. I want to try a bait casting setup! Any advice on a good setup for a novice baitcaster?
  7. Hey Finaddict, Thanks for the advice! How far offshore do you usually get into theese fish? Generally I put a big chunk of bait on a hook and cast it as far as I can! I have had some luck catching Rays,Skate,and small Sharks with this style of fishing.Four weeks ago I landed a Ray @ Conquest Rd. snapped a pic and sent it to Old Inlet Bait & Tackle. They identified it as a Bull Ray Nose! I would like to start sinking my hook into some other species of fish! Hey, Thanks again!
  8. I fished @ Savages Ditch July 6 & 7 all day without a stinking bite ! I was baiting with bunker and switched to squid ! No bites ! I need a little advice ! Can anyone help?