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  1. HAHA ya nothing for nothing im gonna atleast gonna sitback and enjoy a different kind of sud i am so pumped im leaving in a few hours and hope to be able to dip a line tonight!!! ill be down this weekend aug. 7,8,9th with some family
  2. the addvice is well appreciated i thank you guys for your time finaddict, i have another spool for my rig set up with 25# mono i was thinking that if the 30# braid is too light for this time of year (maybe all times of year?) would it be in my best interest to have the 25#mono spooled off in place of 50#braid and then save the 30# briad for a different time of year when there are smaller fish in the surf. i plan to make this my first year (starting late i know) and want to go frequently and fish into the colder months. also there is mention of using a heavy leader im guessing about 6'-8' a fish finder rig and some 200# wire which i think i read you can get from home depot, for the fish finder rig is there a place in OC or DE near fenwic that would be the place to go to for this and some good bait (what exactly would be "good" bait) ill be staying at about 139th st. this is gonna sound really dumb to you guys maybe but here it goes to attatch the line to the leader i would use a double surgeons knot or would i be best to crimp the connections and if crimping is my best bet could i buy the materials at a tackle shop around where i am staying, and then would palomar knot due for attatching the hook to the wire or is there something special i have to do to attatch the hook to the wire do i have that right in my mind line leader fish finder rig with 200#wire then hook attatched to the wire sorry if i am slow to catch on to this whole thing but there is a lot to learn and i am in the unfortunate possition of not knowing anyone who is active in surf fishing to show me the ropes again i appreciate your time and knowledge immensly mike
  3. nice ill remember that for sure they eat me up as it is and i could see how that could turn a trip south in no time thanks it seems that there will be sharks in them there waters and i am excited about that possibility, i am so new to this that i will be heaving (my best attempt anyways) my bait out as i dont know too much about the yaking yet so aside from all the great posts about sharkin there have been recently do you have any words of wisdom on that front or any gear recomendations?
  4. hi everyone my name is mike and as the title says im new to surf fishing and really appreciate all the great info here on the site my family just got a beach house in OC MD at the 139th st side of town so i am going down august 7th for the weekend and to give the surf a first try and maybe while there pick up a vehicle permit for DE so i can venture that way too i have some smaller junk rods that i am setting out for smaller fish and i just picked up an Ocean Master 12' rod with a Daiwa emcast plus 5500 reel with 30lb test. i bought some hi/low rigs and 6oz weights along with some #2 bottom fishing hooks and some #2 kingfish rigs... so nothing for nothing im at least going to go drown some bait. i also have a head lamp and some sand spikes so along with a cooler and chair i think im getting there so if anyone has any helpful words of advice or could let me know what to expect i would greatly appreciate it thanks and thanks for a great forum i hope to learn a lot mike