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  1. I couldn't catch anything to save my life. I saw 2 fish caught all day. Guy next to me caught a 19" flounder and his buddy caught a lil sea robin... They were down for the Sea Robin Classic tournament. I fished about 60 yrds north of the south end of 3-r's were their was a nice lil wash out that looked promising. Is their any news or report of the tournament available?
  2. I had a similiar question as Flame Thrower. I would like my wife to fish in the tourney as well. I know that its late to try to do this now but for next year what must we do to add her to my membership. I just received my newsletter today with the renewal form and would like to get it all together before we submitted it. Looking forward to some good fishing this weekend. If ya see my Don't tread on me flag flyin stop on in and give us a shout. GLTA
  3. Sweet. good times. My wife and I have been putting a good amount of time in so large fish are bound to happen for us soon. Let the games begin!
  4. WoW, what an event. It's hard to find the words to thank the DMS crew for the stellar tournament they put on. At least half the people in attendance and went to the awards received some sort of prize and awesome prizes were to be had. That Rod was fantastic, a real work of beauty and the custom truck rack was tasty. Special Thanks for Morty and George and the rest who did so much work to make the event happen. Thanks to the sponsors who gave so many nice prizes expecially the folks who donated a rod and reel for each kid registered.. that rocked. My wife and I caught a good amount of fish. 8 dogfish, 9 kingfish, 3 sheepheads and 6 small blues and my wife picked up a nice 20" striper. I only landed 1 scorable fish, a 11 inch kingfish and had 4 mins left till the 4:00 pm whistle blew. Was a good weekend of fishing and Saturday Mother nature wasn't giving her fish away for free. She made us work for them with plenty of wind, a nice mix of rain and lots of blow over into the trough. This was my wife and I's first Salt water tournament and we learned a lot, We will streamline our set ups and prepare for the next tourney so watch out for DMS team#2438
  5. I have used these a lot and found them to be just as good as any other I have used. Plus the price is right.
  6. Thanks Flatfish, I have been trying both sides to throw from and I like throwing from the left and I am right handed but I think I obtain a better delivery. I live very close to woodland beach pier so I drop a line on one side and practice on the other. I have made big improvements and managed to bag a little bait for the freezer.
  7. Thanks for this info, this was right on time. After being at the Special Olympics event and watching Finaddict and another DMS fellow cast nets and catch a good bit of bait I descided, hey I can do that. I purchased a 3.5' cast net from walmart. Came home and watched a few videos on you tube and drove out to woodland beach to give it a try. First cast off the shore I got the net out in a crescent moon arc shape but managed to catch a sweet chunk of broken parking curb with rebar and asphalt which tore a small but mendable hole on one side. Relocated and found a good place to practice and have been doing ok. about 75% of the time I can get a good cast. I tell ya that cast net can wear your arm out if your not used to it.
  8. Well I guess I could start their
  9. Very interesting news. That does really bite yet it needs to be done. What can we do to help change the timing of this event and how long is this project scheduled to last?
  10. As a new DMS member it was good to get out and meet a few of the other members. I had a great time and it was a blessing to see the Olympians filled with joy. I will mark this event on my yearly calendar. I also look forward to meeting others at up coming events. One of the Nurses helping the Olympians had her wig blow off into the drink and I tried to snag it to no avail, That will be a memory to last a life time.
  11. Nice catch with the Stinger. You just don't catch those every day. What bait did you use or were you chumming? Glad no one was hurt. Nice sunset pict's as well. I really need to relocate my work closer to the beach. Thats part of my 2 year plan.
  12. A.M --- I was catching them on a pair of small fish finder rigs with small chunks of bunker. I really was messing around with my new rod and reel seeing how far i could cast a 6oz piece of lead. They may have been Jersey Fish so we threw them back. We will be back to conquest rd this weekend so we will try again for some keepers.
  13. Excellent find, These types of weights are expesive yes so easy to make. I will make some of these up this week. Thanks for this post. In the past I have used cinder blocks or window weights and these work well but blocks are cumbersome and I don't always have window weights.
  14. Frustrating day at 3'rs. Fished the morning tide and couldn't catch anything but a hard time from tourist. All day with the radios and casting directly over my lines etc. Finally the tourist left and shortly before dark fish started biting. We caught and released a good count of 12 -14 inch flounder and small croaker. The only thing I was getting hits on was chunks of bunker cast half way to Jersy. Turned out to be a good day. I will say that I love my new tica 11'6 rod and Okuma EF 80a reel. Smooth, solid as a rock, precise and cast a mile.
  15. We Headed out to Woodland beach to hit the evening tide but their were a bunch of goof balls down at the surf line so we walked out the pier. While I was rigging up my wifes new pole she caught a nice lil cat on my rod. Finally got her set up and the people had moved off the end of the pier and had left a bunch of trash so I bagged up their garbage and someone left me a nice pack of fresh spot. Put the spot on and picked up a nice striper almost immediatly. The wife was to excited to take a shot and it happened so fast. I just about had it over the rail and she jumped out of the net and snapped my line. My best estimate was from deck to my belt which is about 37 inches. Had a few more small cats after that before the skeeters got severe.