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  1. I went out last friday and nothing again... I headed up to the warren bridge with a chart. and white spinner bait.. nothing. When drifting for the crappies, do i use nightcrawler on a top and bottom rig? How much weight? Speed for the small trolling motor? Any other tips? Thanks so much Dre'!
  2. Any tips on chumming the love point grounds? All help is appreciated! Any reports from these areas? (love point, swan point, 6,7,9 knolls, pooles) Thanks!
  3. Hey Dre' Im going out on the loch this friday and was looking for some tips. I have fished here 2 times this summer so far and havent hooked a thing... Ive used nightcrawlers to try and get some perch or crappie and havent been successful. Ive also used senkos, crawdads, crankbaits and spinnerbaits and nothing. Im not really sure where to go as i rent a boat and do not have a depth finder. Could you please give me any kind of tips? All info is appreciated. Thanks!!