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  1. Read somewhere, might have even been this site, that Sandtigers spawn locally in and around the month of September. Can anyone confirm that September is the most active activity period for spawning Sandtigers? Also, if they spawn inshore, how come people rarely catch the very small pups? I'd imagine they'd be the size of a small dogfish when born.
  2. I will be at WorWic in Salisbury on Tuesday! See you guys there!
  3. Fishing the OPFT this past weekend. Did kinda well despite spending most of the day dodging jetskis and trying not to get my little skiff swamped with boat traffic. Anyway, about 30 flounder, no keepers until 2:30 before a 3:00 weigh in. Rushed to the weigh in thinking it would be tight to get there either by driving or boating through all the traffic. Only had a 19.5 incher but had a better chance with that than keeperless minutes before catching him. Ended up being about 8 larger than mine. Anyway, looked as if only about 20 fish or so between 18 and 22.5 inches were weighed/measured in. Winner took over $1000 with calcutta. Caught my fish in the inlet on a BIG live minnow. Anyone know where I can catch some live spot (the smaller ones)???
  4. Those of you planning on fishing this weekend, keep in mind the bird closure (which I think will nearly cut in half the number of vehicles allowed). I do not know exactly where the closure begins, but I think they have a rule that equates to something like 12 vehicles per mile, so how ever many miles of closure times 12 is how many vacationers will be disappointed this weekend. My point... make sure you have a back up plan!
  5. I am going after the biters specifically next week. I figure it is time to target them, because whether you target them or not, they are gonna be there. I figured next week's tides look good, with a high tide shortly after dark. The plan is to drive out on the beach around 6 pm, hopefully find a good hole, and then give it a go with big baits and wire til around 11 or midnight. I don't have the luxury of being able to spend the whole night like I would prefer. Perhaps a few times later in the summer. So here is my question in regards to tides. Do you experienced sharkers pay attention to tides at all when sharking, or do you just chuck out the fresh fish and hope for the best? My thinking is that the higher the tide the closer the sharks will come and thus less of a cast needed with the big baits. Last year, on the couple of ocasions that I stayed out all night, I caught (or at least had hookups) on all tides, so I am wondering if it matters or was that coincidence. Tight lines all. Matt in Salisbury