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  1. Try looking up "Stowaway2"..I've invested for one on my expedition. This mounts on the back to your resses hich and swings away. Works fantastic for those who like to stage out of the back of there SUV type vehicle. Check it out.
  2. Hoping to do some sand fishing 2nd week in August. will try access area just south of IRI. will bait a large rod and work a smaller rod in surf looking for "pullage"(great term)
  3. Latched onto something big. Could have been a ray or a shark but was unable to even get a small change of direction no matter what I did. Finally realized this critter was out to snare and tangle the beach. Funny the sense of humor they have. Crank down and cranked back for separation at the Albright. It worked. Might have had some fun except the beach was shoulder to shoulder with folks and lines
  4. Have just begun my experiences on del. beaches..so far so good...plan to be considerate of those more experienced and be a proper stewart for the beach. The Henlopen beaches are a good start.
  5. Where can i get a decent map showing possible beach access for vehicle with permit