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  1. I have missed checking out the site since early last year due to my 10 year old computer, Joe Walsh said it best " I'm an analog man in a digital world" anyway last summer we only did a few chesapeake bay trips for rocks in the winter and flounder in the summer due to that four letter word ( A Job) I hope NCDOT gets their act together and clears Hatteras inlet. A couple of weeks fishing out of Teach's would improve my outlook on life! I found a good pic of the crew with one of our GOOD Days the summer before last. Tight lines!
  2. Beautiful pictures, I am jealous of your fuel burn we would burn 8 gals just to get out of the marina!
  3. Did the cats get to split a taco?
  4. We have had fun, the rock pile is the place to head for and when the temp changes at about the 100 ft depth we have caught bailers and a few gaffers. Have tried the tower and put fish in the box, 20 NNE made the day a little rough Going back to teaches tomorrow and planning on fishing this weekend and hoping to find the grass line that has the citation hanging around The grass has been very scattered but it is out there SW wind should be stacking it up into a respectable line
  5. We have good reports of gaffer dolphins at the 280 rocks at Diamond Shoals Light so we will be at teaches on saturdy afternoon, rented a slip for a month. hope to post good reports. Sam you are invited to do a day off shore, Let bucket know when you would like to go. My cell does not get a signal south of Oregon Inlet Tight Lines
  6. Hi Lou! I sent Sam a note asking him to fix your login issue :icon_rr:

  7. Doug were you on the bridge or under it on a friday mourning? we are ready ready to put some fish in the box, call me Lou
  8. The news on channel 10 had a nice report on the bite last weekend at the canyon, it should be repeated at 11 tonight. Sounds like we missed the best bite for white's in a long time. There's allways tomorrow! Brian you can't beat a day offshore!
  9. Doug Very nice fish, I know you are glad to have the boat back! I talked to Bucket about getting you, Dixie and a few of the Vcan group to go out but we have had back to back weekend storms (not that I'm scared of a heavy sea) The boat has only been out of the slip once since we came back from Hatteras Let's try to put something together soon Lou
  10. Rebecca and i are taking my boat over to Tangier on the weekend of the 22 of August. That weekend is their homecoming where they have a festival and bands playing. I just wanted to let you know and see if you wanted to join us. I dont think i have a place for you to stay, but your boat is a little more comfortable than mine. I have a place to tie my boat there. Not sure where you could but i could run you guys back and forth in mine if you decided to go. Ive never been but it sounds like a lot of fun, and her family is from there.

  11. Hey Matt, Pirates Cove is in Oregon Inlet, the marina on the right when you go over the causway bridge to Manteo. I have kept the boat there for the past two summers.
  12. We took the boat from Va Beach to Hatteras Village Marina on June 3rd to see if the storeys of the dolphin bite being off the hook were true, we were not disappointed! We fished every day that we could get a crew together, one day with a crew of two. The days that the wind was out of the south west the conditions were rough but the grass lines would stack up and we would fill the box with gaffers, when it was out of the west or north west it would scatter the grass lines and it would be a mix of gaffers and bailers. Our best day we had fourteen gaffers and one bailer with an honest seven foot seas on the way out laying down to three to five to fish and return home. Our nicest fish has been posted on the site by my friend Clearin' Waves, a 41.3 lb. NC citation off the shotgun. The sad part of this story is that we are going down to Hatteras tomorrow to get up at sun up on friday and bring the boat home, if we pick up a grass line at Diamond Shoals we will fish that line north east up to the tuna hole looking to get a dolphin or a box full and as we get north maby a tuna. It's been a great month and I hope to bring the boat back to Hatteras or Pirate's Cove in August, wherever the best bite is!