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  1. I agree and when he leaves, he needs to take Zorn and Campbell with him. Maybe the players are doing this because they know if they lose, someone is going to be fired and it usually starts with the TOP down. I ALSO WANT THE REDSKINS!!!
  2. Well since it was me holding them, I wish you guys a lot of luck with Denver. Believe me, my wife will be praying very hard today as well. Go Pats!!!
  3. It will be hopefully between the 21-24 of September. I know it is during the week, but I hate crowds and I have two weeks off so I am choosing to go during the week to avoid the crowds. I do know that based on the moon cycle, it should be a new moon resulting in high water high tides with very low low tides. I just don't know if that matters for the fishing either. But would plan on late evening through the night. I do appreciate the help.
  4. I have read many reports on people kayaking their bait from the shore and then waiting for the big catch. How far do you kayak the bait out from the shore? First I guess, am I misunderstanding that people actually go out via a kayak and drop bait? Lastly, if I just launch my line from the shore, what size weight should I use to ensure I have a possibility of watching the pole move, probably due to wave action. Any information will help, oh and it will be from OC in Sep.
  5. Patriot Fans, I want to thank you for allowing five of your very wonderful cheerleaders to visit us in Afghanistan. Even though I am a Skins fan, my wife competes with the best for a Patriots fan. So for that, here is a pic of myself and the lovely ladies to share with you all. It just helps to have this type of support visit once and awhile. So with that, I wish both teams the best this season, but I got to see the cheerleaders.
  6. I have a question in reference to the flounder fishing in MD after Sept 13, 2009. I have read the regs and I have read the articles but what I don't know and need the answer to is if I leave port out of Ocean City and either go north to DE or south to VA am I allowed to bring the flounder I catch back with me without being fined? The other states have the flounder season remaining open and MD seems to be the only one concerned with closing for an early season. I understand it all, I don't agree with it, but like everything else, I will obey the law. It just doesn't state anything about fishing in other states and returning with said flounder. Can anyone assist me in the right answer on this?
  7. Awesome pic, had the same opportunity in Iraq with the Redskins Cheerleaders, Buffalo Jills, and the New Orleans Saints girls. By the way, I like that Cross in your header, currently back in Afghanistan so seeing that we are supported back home helps.
  8. Well I appreciate the feedback and support. Yes until I am in OC in September, I have to live the dream through reading everyone elses experience. I actually just downloaded the new Coastal Fisherman and I am hoping to find out what is hot and what is not. I do know that when I am at the beach, I am planning on a day in the bay fishing for flounder, so if I catch any, I will take a picture and give it away. I have no way of keeping it fresh. I also plan to do some surf fishing and either catch and release or giving it away. The only thing I hope for is a shark. I do appreciate Tom's feedback on his sharking. I do hope to have that opportunity either in OC or when I get back to Alaska. Them Salmon sharks can get pretty big as well. Plus I want a decent size halibut or a boat load of flounder from the rock shores there. Again, I wish everyone safe calm waters and the best of luck when wetting your hooks.
  9. Well Sam, mostly the only fishing I have done was off the shore line. In Anchorage there are a few spots that have large King Salmon runs, though last year and now apparently this year there are slow returns. Many of the rivers are doing emergency closings to try and save what kings do come in. Red or coho salmon always have a good run, especially combat fishing on the Kenai. My wife has had some luck while I was in Iraq, she went on a charter and pulled in a few silvers. Surf fishing in Homer, AK so far has been the better of the fishing for me and my wife. We bothe enjoy flounder and halibut. The pictures on my post are those of the fishing in Homer. When the tide is lower on the pillars, you can catch some fairly large halibut off the shore. Not as big as the 100+ that they have been catching already this year. The bad thing are the limits due to commerical fishing which take away from everything that we enjoy about fishing and having a good time. Well the best for me was actually late in the fishing season, at least in AK, it was the first two weekends in September. We ended up catching, two baby halibut from the surf, and about 65 flounder the first weekend, and 68 the second weekend. My wife is still perfecting her flounder skillets skills so when I get home from here we will be right back out there. Oh and I can honestly say, I caught about 100 starfish. Yes, if you look at the pictures closely, you will see little bluish/purple starfish. Those things were what wore me down. All the fish we caught on were on flounder stomach as bait. It worked very well and we were also able to catch some ling cod and irish lords. All great fun, but the starfish by far gave a stronger fight. I also caught a dungeoness crab caught up on some fishing line. All in all, Alaska fishing is what you make of it, it can be long boring days, yes some days offer large rewards.
  10. I don't know how to start this so I will just get to the highlights. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, third time since 9/11. No big deal, some guys and girls have more than that, month wise, close to 36 though. Outside of deployments, I am currently stationed in Alaska, some of the best and worst fishing you can do. For the east coasters, unlimited bag limit for flounder. Yea, game on, its at the Spit in Homer. Reading the reports from here, yes, no fishing here, though when I flew over some of these parts in '03, the lakes in the mountains were beautiful and if there weren't rounds being fired, I would like to go out and try and fish them, sometime way in the future. But for now, I am living my fishing through those of you out there having your fun. Currently I am a subscriber to a few online mags and then of course, Coastal Fisherman. I just want to wish everyone safe waters, safe fishing, and of course, enjoy and have fun. Just remember catch or no catch, you are doing something I can only dream about right now. Take Care, Chuckie:icon_pray: