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  1. Ok, stopped in BPS today and I ordered a Shimano Baitrunner 12000D to be spooled with #80 PP.
  2. Didn't see the Shimano Baitrunner on the BPS website as that is where I will be going in person to pick up my new reel. So, back to my original choices that I mentioned. If there is another great choice outside of those 3 available at BPS within the $175 range I am open to more suggestions. Badgoat
  3. Which spinning reel? Debating on 3 reels to team up with a 12' Ugly Stick. Penn Slammer 760 Penn Spinfisher 850 or 950 Shimano Spheros SP18000F Basically bait n wait setups. Fishing for Shark, Rays, not sure how these would do for Striper or casting repeatedly. But I plan on spooling with 80# PP. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on getting a 525 Mag with 12' Ocean Master for Christmas, but in the mean time I got this 12' Ugly Stick just chillin' in a corner and it's begging to have something thrown on it and taken out. Thanks again, Badgoat
  4. Well I had an opportunity to attend Friday and Saturday's events and I have to say I was rather impressed. Lots of great seminars and tons of knowledge. I had the chance to put faces with names. It was great to meet Sam, and Mark, Brian, Cpt. Hogy, Dr. Ball, Cpt. Feller. Just a big thanks to those that frequent the site and offer up all the information. Definitely was able to add some tools to my arsenal and find different ways to hook up some fish. Badgoat
  5. Well, down in Georgia now...been pier fishing a few times and have gotten some great pointers from some of the locals. A few embarrassing moments casting my Penn Senator with a big ol' birdsnest that would not come out and 4 snags to boot, but I am finally getting the hang of things. Caught some baitfish on my catfishing rod/reel. A whiteing, a stingray, and an eel. Didn't catch any shark on the my senator yet and I am chomping at the bit til I get to go again. Saw some of the locals down do they get serious. One guy had a Penn International...floating his bait out around 400 yards...gets in his vest harness and waits...pretty amazing stuff watching it all. Perhaps I need to find a good guide on how to float my baits out. Not sure how big of fish my Senator 113H can handle however. Anywho, happy fishing all. Badgoat
  6. Well with a ton of reading, this is what I ended up doing. I ended up grabbing a Shakespeare Uglystick 10' Med/Heavy action which was right up my ally for starting out and for my budget. Poured some water on my line to wet it and then taped up my thumb so I could better control that spool when I let her rip. I would effectively say I came close to tripling my distance with this longer rod and controlling that spool a lot better. Granted I'm prolly not like the pros....but wading out there about waist high and doing the OTG cast demonstrated on Neil Mackellow's website I had some substantial improvement and some darn nice casts. So for now I think that's the setup I am gonna roll with and give it a go. Not to mention, no more backlashes, I'm sure they will happen from time to time. But at least I know I can go out there confidently now and put some decent distance out. Thank you guys so much for all the pointers. Badgoat
  7. Ultimately shark....but if others jump on the pole...well them too then, hehe.
  8. I recently purchased a Penn 113H reel paired up with the Offshore Angler 6'6" Powerstick. However, from all the reading I have been doing I am starting to think I should have gotten something longer. I plan on doing both Pier and Surf fishing. Will the 6'6" be just fine for me? Or should I take it back to BPS and getting something longer...10' or greater? Just need something that will be good in both departments. Thanks for the advice. Dale
  9. Yeah, completely agree. I normally fish with a baitcaster for my everyday bass fishing and am all too familiar with those pesky birdsnests, lol. We have a park not too far away and will prolly do some practice.
  10. Thanks for all the info. I plan on wading out prolly up to my waist or slightly deeper and givin' it the ol' heave/ho and atm I have 8oz pyramid weights with sinker slides, 25lb test with 80lb shocker, and 100lb leader, and I have the Gamakatsu Circles 8/0. So not entirely sure how far I am gonna get out there with that setup. However I don't have access to a yak...maybe a christmas present if I ask real nicely. Hehe, after ya been married 10yrs and got 2 kids, you just pray for no socks! So in the mean time, that's what I have to work with. Matt said I prolly won't be getting out to the deeper running big ones...However I should have some good luck with the 3-6 footers, which for starting out will make me more than happy. Thanks again for the tips, Dale
  11. Title says it all. My name is Dale, turning 30 this year and am in the Navy. Just moved to Virginia in December and will be here for a couple of years. I've done plenty of Bass fishing and Cat fishing on the lakes/rivers of Nebraska...However, coming from my last duty section in Georgia I had the opportunity to watch these mass of people doing this odd "Pier fishing" It caught my interest so I meandered over to see what was going the precise moment I walked over I watched a 12yr old kid hook into a 6' Tiger shark and my jaw hit the ground. I was mesmerized and knew instantly it was something I had to get into. Well today I headed over to my local BPS and met Matt who helped me get set up with my new Penn Senator 113H/Powerstick and the tackle to go with. Thanks to Matt's patience and guidance I will hopefully be catching those lovely Blacktips, Hammerheads, and Tigers! I can hardly wait. Any tips for my maiden voyage to catch these monsters would be greatly appreciated...i.e. Good guides to read up on, or just good ol' tribal knowledge. I will be focusing on surf and pier fishing. Anyways, it's great to be here and thank you "Bulldog" aka Matt for all the help in getting me started. Cheers, Badgoat (Dale)