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  1. Nice looking fish Dave!...finally got back out yesterday for a few hours in the am...nothing.
  2. excellent! Thats is a perfect size for the dinner...Darn things have scales of armor.
  3. Excellent pics! Went out a few hours after work...much quieter but managed a chomper blue and a nice size black drum.
  4. A few hours this morning....lots of chomper Blues. Great seeing Sam and Dave!
  5. you guys have any idea where I might score some fresh bunker? Went out Sunday am for a couple hours...a single skate.
  6. May give it a go next week. I gotta get my gear ready. Been a while and need to shake the dust off my rods.
  7. Dam Dave, I have seen you been tearing it up. Hope everyone has been doing well.
  8. Any word on the striper tourney? They plan on having it?
  9. Nice spinner Allen! My favorite shark to catch.
  10. Gotta a couple to build busy...winter projects, but looking for a quick rod replacement for red season. Heard you snagged another 1509. Great blank!
  11. Andrew, I'll take a 1509...I will send a pm.
  12. Nice! Man, glad to see kings in the surf...gonna have to start fishing for those...tasty
  13. Glad you got one Dave!