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  1. Sorry to here about fishing time has been cut off Finaddict. Maybe I will take a couple of days next week to give you an update.
  2. Great catch Morty.:icon_salut:I think this weekend may be a washout but call me when you are going again. I will try to get down a little early to get us some bait.
  3. We left work yesterday and hit the sand for a few hours in the evening. Caught some nice bluefish on mullet rigs and threw out a couple shark poles. The southeast wind must have pushed some of these fish in. Within one hour we had 4' sand tiger, 3.5' hammerhead, and lost three others. As night approached the bite slowed up and we didn't hang around. Go get them, they are out there.
  4. As you read in the past report, Morty, Andy, And Myself with a freind all fished North of <ACRONYM title="Indian River Inlet"><ACRONYM title="Indian River Inlet"><ACRONYM title="Indian River Inlet"><ACRONYM title="Indian River Inlet">IRI</ACRONYM></ACRONYM></ACRONYM></ACRONYM> on Friday night. We caught some nice sharks. Finnatic was the first to leave then Andy packed up to head to the pier for some flounder. You will have to let me know how you did. Well shortly after they left I had layed back in my seat and grabbed a little shut eye. That is when my buddy woke me up to tell me that our big stick was screaming. About an hour later we landed this nice shark. After that we were beat and headed home. Andy, I also have some nice pictures of yours if you need them. Headed back to the beach on Sunday morning and struck gold with the kingfish. Loaded a half of cooler of them then started with the bluefish. Tried sharkin for a little while but only came up with with a couple of rays that my son had caught. really good day otherwise. Until next report, good fishing.
  5. Well we finally got a couple last night. I want to thank Morty and Chris for there help in landing these fish. We would not have done it without them. Two of the best guys you could fish with. If any one wants to get some experience with surf fishing and increase your chances of catching fish I would highly recommend Finaddic for a guide. I am going back out tonight to try to get some more. I will give an update Moday Morning.
  6. Let me know when you are going out again. I am having a run of bad luck with landing a shark. I want to see the master at it. I usually work until 4:00 but that is subject to change since I am the boss. I think I can let myself go a couple hours early.

  7. Hey Trimlc, Love creek is a pretty good spot to throw a net. Any where in the Rehobeth bay is pretty good right now with peanut bunker and mullet. I will leave you a PM with my number if you need directions when you get down here. Love creek is off of route 24. I had both runs this weekend off of North side this weekend and will probably fish evenings down there this week and weekend also. I will keep you posted when I go and what I do.
  8. Well we hit the beach again last night and it was dead. The only thing that was biting were the flies.:cussing:Man were they bad. the worst I have ever seen them. This would explain why the beach was empty at 5:00 pm. Went thru a whole can of spray in 4 hours. It was hot and not much of a tide. I think the fish must have went to look for some air conditioning. When the heat breaks we will try again.
  9. Hey Morty,

    I took a trip to Gander Mountain and found some leaders. I am going to try to run 36" 120# wire to 12" 175# wire with a 10/0 circle hook. Hopefully I can get one to the beach. Again I want to thank you for your help Friday Night. I just had too Many coctails waiting for 3.5 hours to even throw a rod in. So I wasn't on my best game that night. I am going to try again tonight. not sure if i am going to 3r's or North of inlet. Had alot of Kings and Bluefish up north. My number is 302-363-7787 if you want to try to get together instead of sharking alone.

  10. Where are you getting your wire leaders? or are you making them? I cannot find any that are long enough. All I can find is 12". Then I am running 24" 200# mono. They are biting right off.

  11. Great fishing Flatfish. Keep me posted up there. I want to try to get up ther this weekend. Since I live in souther Ddelaware I may just put in at Bowers.
  12. Morty, Nice fish. Sorry I couldn't get up with you Saturday but I had prior engagments. Thanks for the rig Friday night. Too bad I didn't check my line on the reel before I casted. I ended up having to replace all the line on the reel because of the birds nest. Was able to hit the beach Sunday afternoon/evening. Caught plenty of kings and blues. Pulled out the bigger poles and started chunking bait towards the evening. Had two on and we both had got broken off before we got them in. Again they both had hit bunker heads. Go figure. I will try to get up with you this week and do some more fishing.
  13. That is a realy good picture of the light house. Fishing has slowed incredibaly up there. Alot of small ones. Site 6 and 7 are producing nice fish early in the morning. Just need to get through the croakers. Slack tide directly over the rocks are producing big flatties. Make sure you take plenty of tackle with you. About your Striper, I thought all of Delaware bay was ok for the slots. As long as you are bringing them back to Delaware port. I will find out for us. I do not want to see you throw any more good eating fish away. I don't know how big your boat is but the catch at the "B" can at he old grounds is on fire right now.
  14. Hey Fun Factor, If you put in at Massy's landing ramp and head towards the Indian River Bridge you can fish along Burton Island. This will be the island that you come to as soon as you come out of the canal from the boat ramp. Please follow the channel markers because of some sand bars that are not visible. you should be able to see some boats drifting along this island. Ther eare plenty of small flounder,croaker, and sea bass in this slough. Squid, Minnows, and Clams will work the best. Set the kids up with small rods, 10# test and top and bottom croaker or flounder rigs with small hooks will definetly get the kids some action. Good luck and have fun.