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  1. BAD BAD BAD DAY AT CHSP.dont bother going surf fishing at chsp on the weekends,people park right up your a??.all from out of state, they dont fish.they party, swim, surf, skim board etc. you cant even throw your line out.I just could not believe it. I was so p.o. park ranger dont enforce nothing. they are just kids on four wheelers.the beach is full of litter,i am just blown away.o by the way did i mention i had a bad day.it never used to be like that.I have been fishing at sites like conquest , key box and 3 rs those places have a little less congestion.
  2. Steve, trying to follow up on the posts, i responded to you today and now i cant find the post, i am new to this site and cant seem to fiqure out how to nav thru this forum, its a little confusing.
  3. fishing report for today 7-12-09 . great beach day, site was conquest, caught the incoming and out going, no action until dead high tide, 2 skates and baby sand shark, one skate was a monster about 6 inches thick, (actually, cant believe i landed him all the way, guy to my right baby HAMMER HEAD about 18 inces, thats unusual,must be from the stimulas package.guy to my left 1 flounder, throw back.thats it, despite whats been said at this site for blues and stripers, kingfish etc.great day with the family. have to try this night sharkin.
  4. fishing report,spent the day surf fishing saturday near the indian river inlet, very very little action, the word up and down the surf nothing, except i did land a 12 inch baby sand shark, on bloodworms, caught the incoming and out going tides, ,great day at the beach with the family.