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  1. I prefer the trolling. Troll at slow speeds (3 - 5 mph). I troll 5 rods out the back. Green Green Green. I like to use tandem rigs. They been working the best for me. 6 oz on the short and 4 oz on the long. Troll the deeper water (50 - 70 ft) and the sides of the channels. If you don't know where the fish are trolling is your best option.
  2. was at the baybidge pier this past weekend. NOTHING! I brought the wrong stuff. Headed back down over Thanksgiving. Even though I caught nothing I saw a few nice stripers and Tog caught.
  3. I will be fishing at Virginia Beach Pier this Saturday morning. Never been therer before. What is biting right now and what types of rigs are they using? Also, where is this pier everyone talks about. I will be coming from the Norfolk area. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  4. I caught them on cut spot that I caught earlier in the season. I am using a 8/0 circle hook on a 4 ft 20 lb leader with a fish finder rig. This pier is located in the Ebb Tide community. I can give you directions if interested. Right now we are catching huge cats with a small mix of striper. The other day we caight a 15 pound cat. If you want a fish to just pull down your rod this is the place.
  5. I believe the bait fish moved out. They are closer to the bay. I heard that they are still a few big ones around, but mostly short. Troll the edges in the deap water. I was told the 47 pounder was caught up at the 301 bridge. I still do not believe that. I was up there all day the firstt day of the tournament nothing. Can anyone confirm the location of the 47 pounder?
  6. Hello everyone, Its been awhile, but the weather has been horible. This past weekend I entered into the Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournnament. I did not place, but caught some nice fish. My crew consisted of my long time neighbor in PA, Greg (who runs his 23 ft Grady White out of Indian River Bay, DE), and my Dad. The first day we had high winds and no fish:( The second we went down close to the mouth of the river and did much better. We hooked up on four Rockfish. One short at 15 inches, a 20 inch - 5 pounder, 24 inch - 10.5 pounder, and a 38 inch - 21.6 pounder. See pics below. If you want to know how I caught them: 1) Trolling Speed: 3 - 4 mph 2) 4 - 6 oz green powerchute tandem rigs with a 6 inch shad 3) Had one daisy chain rig out the middle of the spread. I ran 5 rods out the back of my 18 ft Searay 175. I designed these rod holder/outriggers for mu boat to accomidate the extra two rods. If anyone is interested on how they are designed let me know.
  7. Very nice job! I have a few questions for you if you do not mind. 1) You were trolling or casting for them? 2) If you were trolling how fast? 3) What was the depth of the water you were fishing in?
  8. Today was the last day the nephews were at the house. I woke up early and took Logn out fishing one last time. This kid is a fisherman at heart! He wants to do nothing else. This morning he hooked up on a nice channel cat using a night crawler. I hooked up on a 16 inch blue using cut spot. It was a good end to the weekend for the kids. Although, Logn is the one always upset when he has to leave. He would live with us if he had the choice. Anyway here is Logn with his cat, and a picture of the bluefish.
  9. This weekend I have my nephews over. You all have seen their pictures up before. Yesterday we headed to the pier here at my house. Had all their rods riged up for spot. We were then putting the live spot on my surf rods for Rockfish. I had a few take the bait. Jacob wanted to take his worm off and put a piece of cut bait on. Twenty minutes later his little ugly stick was zinging. It was his first rockfish ever measuring at 19 inches. Soon after another light action rod bent in half. Another Rock measuring in at 18 inches. Jacob, Logn, and Jefferey did very well. Jefferey caught a mess of Spot, Logn caught a few perch, and Jacob caught Two huge cats, and that one Rockfish. Danny was also there with us. He had to catch twenty small ones (spot and perch) and one nice size channel cat. Here are the pics...
  10. Alexys is my daughter and fishing comes natural to her. She was suppose to get in this kids tournament and it was canceled two weeks in a row...I feel bad for her. Both weeks we went there she decided to fish anyway. The first week she caught a huge sunny in seconds...less than five. She would have won first fish caught. The second week she caught some largemouth and a chain pickeral. That week she would have won largest fish caught...I am sure of it. Maybe I should bye her a trouphy anyway. Here are some pics of her catch.
  11. What would cause sores? I was not in my boat so I did not hit it with my prop maybe someone else...As far as the snakehead do they swim in salt water? Our water is very salty.