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  1. Guessing I'm not the only one that didn't get out in September, not many posts here. Everyone must be waiting for Rock-tober Fest!!!
  2. Past couple of days have been slow with only bottom fishing catching anything .. skates. The weather has been tough w/ late afternoon showers almost everyday.
  3. Snapper blues were back in the surf on Tuesday but then the rain came in and spoiled a good afternoon at the beach. I believe today was dismal due to yesterdays rains. I was only catching skates when I went to bottom fishing. When we first hit the beach this morning the dolphins were circling in close trapping in the bait fish, then later about 300 yards off the beach we could see something jumping that appeared to be about 4' - 5' in length and jump out of the water at least 3' - 4'. They had white bellies but I have no clue what they were.</SPAN>
  4. Sunday the snapper blues were hot and heavy as Ed stated mullet rigs or t&b rigs were getting it done at 3R's. Today were going back over the IR and see what we can come up with.
  5. I do use floats to keep it off the bottom but they still seem to get to it. Today wasn't much better 3 skates. Tomorrow calling for rain so probably won't get out til monday.
  6. Another slow day on the surf. 1 skate. Crabs were a problem today stealing your bait. Tomorrow get to try a new spot and keep the post going. Weather was fantastic not too hot and just enough of a ocean breeze to keep it comfortable.
  7. Didn't see an August Report, so I figured I'll start one. Personally, I haven't done much catching this summer other than a few large rays in July, but today things changed and snagged my first little blue of the season. They are quick little guys on the bait so you need to stay on top of them.
  8. I fished Conquest Friday afternoon saw a couple 3' sharks pulled in and a couple of skate. Fished South Bethany on Saturday didn't see anybody pull in anything.
  9. Past 2 weekends fished north of IR and south of IR. Haven't seen anything being pulled out of the suds. Lots of bait fish chasing bait fish but nobody seems to be pulling anything in. What gives? Water temps should go down alot this week so maybe next weekend will be the big blitz.
  10. It definitely had some teeth. It was brownish in color, lime green eyes and a tail similar to a nurse or thresher shark.
  11. Friday was a good day at Keybox, 3 blues, 1 fluke (keeper), and 42" - 48" I believe dogfish. Don't know my species of shark. Everything was caught on mullet rigs w/ fish finder.
  12. This is where a picture paints/speaks 1000 words. Everyone sees it differently and takes away something different. Some see it as a bunch of young adults carrying on, tormenting and riding a big shark where as most anglers see it as a great feat and job well done. I've pulled in 4 to 5 footers off the surf without yaking out, so the critters are out there even when there are swimmers in the area. When you do hook one of these toothy critters on a crowded beach what is the proper etiquette? Personally I think keeping it under control and confined to the area in front of you, dehook and release as soon as you can. I've gotten everything from nice catch to why did you put it back in the water.
  13. Fished CHSP Saturday and Sunday nothing but a skate and small sandsharks and they were on the incoming tide. The little kids on the beached couple trucks up enjoyed learning about them and touching them. Every time I would bring one in they would keep count and eventually one of them got the nerve to hold it and release it back into the surf. Sunday my daughter pulled in a small ray just before we were leaving. I've seen a lot of little bait fish and dolphins going crazy all summer long but haven't seen a blue fish yet. This has got to be a first for me in the past 20+ years. Even when fishing was slow there was always blue fish.
  14. That's one big moma. Great job. Can't wait to get back on the beach this coming weekend for the whole week.
  15. Wish I knew you were there would have stopped by. I was up at 3r's til about 10pm Saturday night. Seemed to be more partying than fishing going on there. I'll be back down for a week July 10th. Maybe we can catch up then.