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  1. Ben, I love the rod. Can't wait to use it. Thanx soo much. Might be too light for a tuna but It would be great for big stripers or black drum. You do very nice work.
  2. The thing on the spool is to tie your line to. I would suggest you tie around the spool. I don't think you will have to worry with a 12/0 from the beach though.
  3. I was told by an ol' timer to cut the belly out before freezing or if you plan on keeping em' on ice for a while. He said that the stomach acids and stuff will cause the fish to break down faster and they get mushey. He also cut the bunker into chunks prior to freezing. Easier to bait up if its still a little frozen.
  4. I would like to give one a try if still available. Thanx
  5. Do you still have this item?
  6. I want to take my young boys for some blue fishing at the Jack. Are the fish there? Should I chum or troll? Thanx
  7. I recently purchased a camper cap for my F-250. Due to the weight, the truck sags in the rear end quite a bit. Should I think about putting on air bags? Bigger shocks? Springs? I will only use the camper 6-10 times a year but I want to do it right. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. E, i wouldn't recommend a 6-pac charter for the flats. You sometimes need to get into some skinny water. Try a local guy. 2 or 3 anglers is about right for all the casting. Call Mike Benjamin at Herbs. He'll hook ya up.
  9. Bev., what is the difference between chowder and ocean clams? I need some clams this spring for black drum fishing on the Del bay. I have been told that ocean clams are what they want??? Some say they are different, some say not. What say you. Thanx
  10. 46" and pretty fat. Didn't get the weight. Wanted to let it swim. What a thrill. My friend got some pics. Wish I knew how to post em'. Looking forward to some stripers. Just gotta love AI this time of year.
  11. Ya Hoo !!! Cought my first trophy red on 9-30. Thanx to some help from this forum and Bev & Terry's great bait. Now I need to get a trophy striper, " lost a bunch last year ". Can't wait. AI here I come.
  12. Dark green F-250, with an old sunline camper on top. Cooler rack up front and all kinds of crap strapped to the back. Most likely be by myself til Fri nite. Should be arriving at the bullpen @ 3 Wed.
  13. will be fishin' Wed thru Sat. Would love to hook up with anyone from this site. Maybe teach me how to read the beach a little. Bait and Beer, on me. Maybe even a nice cigar. Thanx, Jake
  14. Thanx guys, I can take it from here. That web site has one I think can work for me.