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  1. Im heading down to SC next week for some surf fishing. Looks like im going to have to plan a fishing trip to AI here real soon too. Great catches guys. Getting me all pumped up about this fishing season :-)
  2. Hey Dave...what are you doing up in my neck of the woods and how long are you in the pittsburgh area?? Me and my buddy hit south carolina last week with the knowledge that i gained from this site.I heavily researched everything for a year before we went. When i went I was 100% sure of what i needed to do. Two hookups but nothing beached. I ran into guys down there that were talking about catching 4-5 footers and slitting their throats before they tossed them back in the ocean. I was disgusted. South Carolina (Horry County) is very anti shark and shark fishing. We werent shark fishing in Horry County because it is illegal but the mere mentioning of it earned you an @ss chewing. I would really like to hook up with you one of these days and hit the beach.
  3. so how long will the sharks stay in the surf? I had a rough week at AI this week. Suffered a nasty burn to the bottow of my foot while preparing lunch for the family tuesday morning so the rest of my week was pretty well shot. I had one slow take over on tuesday night but i missed the set. I had high hopes thursday night but about 2 hrs in I snapped a line and got frustrated and left the beach by ten o'clock. Finished my vacation being caught on the boardwalk in that nasty rain on friday. Im not one to give up though so im coming back down in a few weeks if the sharks will still be there.
  4. leaving in 6 hrs to head down to AI myself. Hope to run into some of you guys down there. If i dont good luck. maybe i will get lucky and run into dave chasing another huge sandtiger up the beach.
  5. I will be arriving on AI monday july 27th around 8:30. Going to set up camp and rig my poles for the evening. If anyone see's a 6'5" 235lb guy lookin like an amature trying to toss baits, feel free to swing by and give me some pointers. I need all the help i can get.
  6. So is anyone other than Dave catchin sharks? I havnt heard much out of Steve or Coop and i'm starting to get a lil nervous that my AI trip next week is going to be a bomb...for the sharks anyways. Maybe im reading the wrong forums. Im only casting baits next week. Gonna have to watch the pros yak out some baits before i grow a set big enough to do it myself :happy3:
  7. very nice headed to AI in ten days to try my hand at sharks in the surf. Checking out your posts has got me all excited!!!
  8. yeah its allowed on the national seashore..fires on the beach too. only on the national seashore tho.
  9. well I tried out my equipment today....practiced casting anyways...and I am casting that okuma reel between 80 and 100 yds fairly consistently with roughly 8oz of wieght on the line. Not sure what the total wieght of my rigs will be but i'm confident I can make it happen. I have it spooled with 20 lb mono right now but im thinking about going to braid. Reading your threads from last year it seems to be the line of choice for most of you. Good idea? Bad idea? I watched the OC shark tourney wiegh ins online today and im getting pumped about this trip. Five more weeks to go!
  10. Yeah I dont want my kids to remember thier first shark fishing experience because of loss of digits or nasty scars. I figure im only really letting them be involved in the landing of the doggies. Better safe than sorry.
  11. Thanks steve. I dont care what anyone says about you. I think you are a heck of a guy. I have decided that I probably will remain a catch and release fisherman when it comes to sharks. The only surprises i like are whats going to be on the end of my line. I did some research on casting trolling reels and I think I can pull this off in 6 weeks. Lets hope anyways. Thanks again for all of your help!
  12. Now I am usually a catch and release kind of guy but being a first time shark fisherman I may want to keep one shark over 54". You had mentioned the sand bar shark as being protected but its not listed in the regulations. I did read an article on the dusky and sand bar sharks being confused with one another and I know the dusky is protected. They say the only safe way to identify one is to look for the shingle like scales on the dusky and cobble stone scales on a sand bar. So is the sandbar shark actually a protected species? I dont want to make any critical mistakes while i am down there.
  13. It is a new reel. I actually paid $26 for it. I figured id practice casting over the next 6 weeks. If I cant get it down then its back to the drawing board.
  14. You guys are really boosting my confidence and I thank you for all of your patience and help. So im going to fill up my reel with 20lb mono and use fish finder rigs. What size leader do you reccomend? What is the average size shark in the surf? How big of a shark will my setup handle? When I get into somthing new I like to know as much as possible so im sorry if I ask 2 many questions. I like to know what to expect and to know my limitations before i dive in. :happy3: