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  1. Thats a small one. A school of those can destroy an oyster bed in a few hours.Boat US mag this month has an incredible picture of a school on the surface
  2. The plan was to go the Tower this AM but I bagged that Idea after reading yesterdays reports. Glad I did cause I had a fuel pump give up on my port motor just ouside Lynnhaven. Not being one to give up on such a nice morning I limped out to the first on the starboard and set up on a real slow drift. Fished 4 poles alone and they kept me pretty busy. Had a black and white, pink and white, and two chartreuse rigs out. White squid on all with mullet filet, live minnow, finger mullet and a gulp bait, shrimp I think. Squid minnow sandwich was the hot rig but they all caught fish except the Gulp. Go figure they tore that up last week. I cant tell you how many 18" 18.75" flounder I released. I had a ball and did get one for dinner. The Tide never did turn. I went from drifing sloowwly out to along the bridge towards the beach and that was wind in the pilothouse. Came on in about 2ish. All in all a very satisfying trip even with the engine problem. Looks like I gotta get busy on that.