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  1. this past 4yrs i have spent at least 3days a week inshore fishing in every type of weather condition and season. looking for any and everything that represents what fish want and when to single and have 4days off a week so i got to spend alot of time out there. ive had people come with me that are impressed(not that it was anything grand) but some folks have offered to pay me to take them out for a day...i wanna pick the days and times in order to make the best of it..what would the steps i need to take in order to get my captians license and start a part time charter service?
  2. I took the slow route up hwy17 from I-95 and your right...I think about anywhere you go somethin' will be hittin'...I've thought about trying a yak.
  3. The inshore has been pretty good also.
  4. my buddy from gulfshores showed me how to catch big reds from the surf..he used to camp out of his van there when he wasnt working at mobile aerospace..2002..havent been there in awhile.
  5. I've been looking for websites about this setup you have and havent found too much, mostly outta new zealand. I dont own one or have ever ridden one...but if its like dirt bikes i'm game. thanks brian...I've been fixated by this since I saw your setup...Any help seeing a few more different types or sites where this is going on would be greatly appreciated. If not I have a general idea and hopefully will act on this this year....