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  1. Hello to everyone First joined the board in 2006 when we were vacationing down here, but, haven't beenon the board since around 2009 but I'm back and ready to fish. Well we finally did it, left that God forsaken state of NJ and retired on the beautiful Eastern Shore. Hope to be drowing worms and feeding mosquitoes real soon.
  2. A herd of Buffalo rescue a youngin from a pride of lions Battle at Kruger - Unbelievable brawl in the safari
  3. The Charlotte, N.C., resident broke a 20-year-old Maryland record at the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, snagging a blue marlin that weighed 1,062 pounds. That exceeds the previous record by more than 100 pounds. It took Farris more than three hours Wednesday to reel the fish in. The blue marlin is worth about $550,000. The White Marlin Open is dubbed the largest billfish tournament in the world, with nearly 300 registered boats and cash prizes exceeding $2.1 million. Farris was aboard the No Problem out of Fenwick Island, Del. <A href="<acronym title=" Carolina? North>NC</ACRONYM>+man+reels+in+1+062-pound+marlin" target="_blank"><ACRONYM title="North Carolina">NC</ACRONYM> man reels in 1,062-pound marlin | |
  4. The bride and I will be down tomorrow for the week. Planning to hit the surf can't say what days. We will be in the walk over area. I drive a Green Ford Ranger and have a one of a kind beach cart so if you see either stop by and say hey
  5. How not to launch your boat
  6. My nephew recently had the dangerous assignment of being part of the joint services color guard for the opening ceremonies at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> and ended up in dangerous territory
  7. Enough said
  8. Let us remember all those who have paid in full for the freedom we enjoy freedom is not free FREEDOM IS NOT FREE "ALL GAVE SOME SOME GAVE ALL" ---US -------KIA ---------MIA WW I -----116,708 ------3,350 ------COMBINED ALLIES KIA----5,711,696 WWII -----416,800 -----78,750 ------COMBINED ALLIES KIA----25,282,100 Korea ------33,686 ------8,215 VIETNAM--- 58,228 ------2,005
  9. THat's been my experience also although I have never spent an entire night on the beach
  10. WOW that may be my problem the person who got me started taught me to put the FF slide right on my 3 - 4' leader before the swivel My thanks to all you guys who responded and to Grossy for asking the question. Learn something everyday
  11. usually I freeze my left over clams but found out that they hold up better if salted rather than frozen. What is the procedure for Salting clams Thanks
  12. the bride and I are planning to be down @ <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island"><ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM></ACRONYM> From Thursday to Sunday We will be staying @ francis scott key planning to fish the inlet and the island. See you There I drive a green Ford Ranger with a Black cap. So what shall I target with what Bait Thanks Guys/Gals PS:Thurs is our 38th Anniversary a reccomendation for a special Dinner please
  13. Monday April 13th 2009 was tax freedom day. That means for the average US worker all their earnings from Jan 1 2009 till April 13th went to pay their taxes. So now we are finally working for ourselves. This actually worked out to be about 2 -3 weeks earlier then last year do to the tax cuts of the previous administration.