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  1. Hello all, I have been making my hook leaders on my fish finders as short as possible. Around 2-3". I have seen some that have been using a 8-12" hook leader on their fish finders. I always thought the shorter the better for casting distance but there has to be some reason for the longer leaders. Is it to keep the hook as far away from the sinker as possible? Of course casting distance is always an issue but how much is it effected with the longer leader? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, how imprtant is it for the hook leader to be as straight as possible? When i am tying the leader to the swivel with a uni it always sems to get a little kinked. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for the Feedback guys. So it is the same blank. That is a question i have also had. As far as the breakaway rods. Which is a better 8 and bait heaver... the LDX or the HDX. Thanks
  3. Hello All, I purchased a BPS OM 12' conventional before the season and have used it a few times. I am new to conventionals and this is my first. I wanted to purchase the OM Cape Point as i have heard good things. I know they dont make them anymore in conventional but i could not find one anywhere. Does anyone know what the differences are between the two? I have heard practically nothing about the Regaular OM 12' conventional. Anyone had any long term experience with them? I am looking into buying another conventional setup and was wondering if i should continue to look for a Cape Point or if there is something better or similar on the market in the same price range. I am not ready to spend the coin on a custom as i am still new to conventional. I throw mainly 8 n bait. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post Thanks again.
  4. Hello All, Just found this site while doing some searching. Seems like a great site with alot of great people and info. Hope to learn alot and hopefully one day teach a few people something. I fish Assateague MD mostly along with a little fresh water. Thanks for letting me part of a seemingly great site.