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  1. Finaddict ill be heading to 3r s tonight green Toyota tundra what rigs and bait do you suggest for sharks? Hopefully ill see you out there
  2. Ill be going to my house in Bethany tomarrow after work.....Should be getting in town around 7pm trying to go sharking tomarrow night. If anyone would want to meet up to get some shark fishing in at night let me know. Either respond on here or PM me and we can exchange numbers...
  3. Hey thanks for the reply I didnt get a chance to go to chsp the other day the traffic was horrible! So i went to my normal spot near my house on the drive on just south of bethany. Got skunked all weekend only caught a few little spot thats it! Seems like im either doing something wrong or the fish just slowed down becuase I havent changed a thing in my style and last month I was having a blast then all the sudden someone threw the brakes on! Whats going on guys is it just me or is it slow?
  4. Going to CHSP drive on today....Where is it located? What rigs are being thrown? Bait? Any Ideas post!
  5. Anyone going to be fishing 21, 22 ,or 23rd ill be at my house looking for some fishing partners. Im leaving my house in PA at about 10pm tonight I sould be in bethany by 12:30. Message me if you will be down. How has the fishing been, whats biteing?
  6. Hey guys sorry to get back to you so late. My trip sucked I got skunked! However I went back down on monday and had success with clams on a striper rig and finger mullet on a mullet rig caught 2 good size blues on clam 22 inches and 19 inches. Filet the 22 inch up tasted wonderful! Im going down tonight just got done working a long week end at the trauma center I work in or should I call in the knife and gun club. Cant wait to get out and wet the lines ill have my computer so ill keep you posted.
  7. Philsfan75 I live in west chester but have a few rental properties on Phila. so ill be leaving from philly at about 12pm had to wait for the girl to get off work. PM me with your cell phone number are you staying in bethany? How often do you get down?
  8. Can you explaine the reasoning on why you feel circle hooks are a must. I have experienced both of the sharks I caught 2 weeks ago were gut hooked which became pretty messy during the extraction of the hook.
  9. I have been on dewey beach patrol for a few years now last thing ill worry about is drowing lol thanks for the heads up im used to pulling drunk people out of the water instead of fish! Thanks for the advice!
  10. What should I be throwing for the sand tigers? Bunka chunks? On striper rigs? What are your take on throwing clams in hope of some drum?
  11. I have heard of using clams for drum fish any specific rigs or technique? Also add your input
  12. Yea I was thinking if fishing the beach on the other side of the jetti at iri will also try 3r`s
  13. Hey guys looks like im going to be able to shoot down to my house in Bethany this friday and saturday.. How has the fishing been went 2 weeks ago nothing great just the normal blues and 3 fairly large sharks that were fun untill it was time to try to take the rig out! I fished north <acronym title="Indian River Inlet"><acronym title="Indian River Inlet"><acronym title="Indian River Inlet">IRI</acronym></acronym></acronym> at the furthest south part and 3r's at night throwing mullet rigs and fish finder rigs. Any suggestions on whats been hitting or ideas of good spots to try. I finally talked my girl into coming fishing and not just laying on the beach Haha so im trying to make this a positive experience.
  14. I am new to the fourm as well as inlet fishing. I am a surf fishing type of guy. What do you guys suggest I run at IRI for stripers or drum just bought a new spinnin rod. Suggest I fish the tides as well and stick with the surf the other times. Any other suggestions for night surf fishing? Are their any requiriements or is it illegal to night fish on the drive on beach? I am assuming their are no restrictions on what time you can enter or exit the drive on beach?