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  1. Coming to OC next weekend (staying near the convention center). Thinking of throwing a line in hoping to get into some blues. which rigs would work better..... finger mullet rig or two ball (red and yellow) blue fish rig? if finger mullet which color is working best and with two ball rig what bait might work? (i'm still a novice and am waiting to catch my first ocean blue). Thanks for the help.
  2. looking for some ideas to srore my surf rigs. i currently have them in a plastic plano box but the lines/hooks get all tangled up. i have thought of two things...... place them all is separate plastic bags and puting them in the bottom of my 5 gallon bucket......or....... i thought of purchasing a binder to place them in (similar to binders used for plastics worms used for bass fishing. any other ideas that have worked well?
  3. hello all, lookin to add a 9ft set up to surf fishing gear. i currently fish with an 11 sea striker beach runner with 800 penn sargus. for the most part i really like the set up. was looking to get a 9ft rod with 500 or 600 reel for plugs, spoons, etc... Was thinking i should get the same that i have just smaller. any advise on something better suited for my needs. really don't want to spend more than $150-$200 seeing as i live inland and only get the opportunity to surf fish 3-4 times per year. thanks for the help
  4. thanks for the tips.... i would like to bring some fish home to fry up one night while down there. dont know too much about salt water fishing (moslty fish for bass and catfish). would i have better luck fishing flouder with squid or would it be easier to target croaker and spot using berkley blood worms?
  5. Going down to OBX in a few weeks. Its been years since I have fished off a pier down there. Any suggestions on Avalon vs. Nags Head? hich is better? Staying in Duck
  6. coming down in one month and staying approx 1 mile south of the food lion in corolla. i have some surf gear and am going to try to get down to the pier in nags heads, but does anyone know of any good spots on the bay up in duck or corolla i could fish off a dock? thanks
  7. I am coming up to OCMD next weekend and would like to do somne fishing. I have not fished much in this area. We are staying on 33rd st and i know there is a little dock on the bay right there. i would like to try to fish it. can anyone please give me some advise when it comes to rigs and bait? i currently have some fireball rigs, fish finder rigs, and squid rigs. I also have gotcha plugs, top water poppers, x rap rapalas, and jigging spoons. also, what types of fish are bitting this time of year? we will be fishing mostly in the am between 5:30 and 10:00 any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  8. Hello All, Headed down to Bethany next weekend. We chartered a boat down in Ocean City on Fri but I would like to spend Fri night and the better part of Sat surf fishing. we are staying on 8th street (i think). I have never surf fished this far north (mainly Outer Banks). any advise on rigs or bait for the surf? i'd like to lay into some stipers. any chace at that? thanks for the help
  9. i had the same question a few years back. i have the equipment, but my younger cousins did not and they were going to rent. we asked all over but no one rented equipment. they recommended we just go buy a cheap one. i would recommend you wait till you get to va beach and check out a local bait and tackle shop. they will probably have the most knowledge of what is best for the area and be able to set you up for cheap. the other option is going to dicks or sports authority and buying a cheap set up (approx $30-$40).
  10. we were supposed to come down this weekend, but postponed it due to an emergency i had at work. we we looking to reschedule for mid feb, but by that point i think we have decided just to wait till march i think. anyone catch anything good lately?
  11. looking to get a pair of waders for surf fishing obx and ocean city md areas. never owned a pair. would it be better to get rubber or neoprene. i know neoprene is warmer, but will rubber work if you layer underneath? would use them in march/april and oct/nov. any advise or opinions? thanks
  12. thanks for the info. i have chosen nags head becasue that is the area i know. you have the beach, nags head pier, and oregon inlet not far away. i noticed the other blogs you sent me were for buxton and hatteras (further south). would it be better to fish further south than nags head, or does it really matter?
  13. Hello to all, i am just strating to get into salt water fishing (fresh water most of my life) and am a little disappointed that i have missed my window for fishing this year. i would like to come down to Nags Head some time in mid oct to early nov for 2010. during this time would i have better luck frishing from a pier or from the surf? (i have gear to facilitate both). we are looking to catch striper, flounder, blues, drum, or whatever else is active that time of year. please help! any adivse welcome (ie bait, rigs, etc...) thanks
  14. My buddies and I are coming to Ocean City in early to mid January to do some fishing. We are thinking of chartering a boat, but will be up for 4 days and would like to fish from shore as well. we would like to catch some stripers. thinking about ocean city inlet, 2nd-4th st bulkhead, and indian river inlet. any ideas on other locations that might be better? any ideas on baits, live and lures? thanks
  15. Thanks for all the advice. I plan on coming up to OC in early Dec. Would like to cathc some stripers. WIll be fishing from shore. Any advice on bait or location? Thanks