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  1. Dad

    My thoughts are with you Sam. I'm sorry to hear.
  2. Nice to see the business progressing Ben! That 1569 you built for me years ago still is my favorite setup. If i wasnt saving up for some fly rods id be looking seriously at one those first 30.
  3. Congrats! Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  4. Dave - sorry you've had a rough spring...dont' give up though. I haven't caught a striper from the surf since 2006 I had one of those heart-stopping moments last fall when my rod doubled over with a big head on it - only to pull in a 31" bluefish... Enjoy the time fishing - don't get hung up on the goal...enjoy the journey!
  5. I'll be arriving in town wednesday night (27th) , leaving the 31st pm or the 1st am. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  6. Technically a fuller spool will cast further. However, less line on the spool is more controllable so you can push it harder. So that may negate the physics.
  7. wow - amazing stuff! Thanks Matt!
  8. There are a few guys out here that do that sort of thing - perhaps they'll chime in soon. My only catfish experience is from shore with smaller (5-10 lb max) fish in Rivers. For that i have used chicken livers on rigs that are basically scaled down fishfinder rigs (run the line through some sort of sliding sinker - like an egg sinker ) then a swivel - then a circle hook. On that circle hook, put a rancid chicken liver. If they aren't staying on the hook, use nylons to keep them together. For bigger fish, i've heard of people using either cut fish chunks or live bait - best to catch some panfish in the lake you are fishing and use them. Ok - that's my limited knowdlege - time for the experts to chime in....RACN where are you?
  9. What Sam said - if there are any fish in the vicinity, I know you'll find them for us. Give me an excuse to drive down! I dare ya!