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  1. For you guys out there that target sharks from the surf...do you flatten out the barbs on your hooks?... if not than what do you use for dehooking? Anything out there better than a big pair of channelocks? Also what size hook would you use for a sandtiger? I use 10/0 VMC nemesis hooks on my shark rigs...I've been using them for years, and have caught plenty of small and medium sharks...are they too small for a sandtiger?
  2. went out to 3r's last night at the walk on, we had nine lines in the water between the 6 of us, we caught 2 sandbar sharks between 3-4 feet long, and i beached a bohemoth butterfly ray, i will try to get some pics up when i can...the ray was not what i was hoping for but summers far from over and there are plenty of sand tigers out there..north of 3r's i saw guys yakking baits out and after the sun went down i saw alot of headlamps going near the water i bet they had a monster on... will try again in a couple weeks
  3. fin what knot do you recommend for tying a shock leader on...? thanks, andrew

  4. dansparty, did you see any toothy critters get pulled in over the weekend??? im heading down july 24-25th, with high hopes
  5. thats a portly spider crab Libinia emarginata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. fished 3'rs saturday 6am to 2 pm....i didnt see anyone cathch anything in either direction from where i was, so im glad after reading on here that someone DID!!! catch some fish, Great fish Trimlc!!!....3 skates and a horsheshoe crab for my dad and me....will try again this week
  7. no, not out of the canal http://www.fw.delaware.gov/Fisheries/Documents/DE%20Fish%20Advisory%20Chart%202009%20final.pdf
  8. a nice caddie that i caught at the C&D canal around this time last year
  9. -just north of the canal, off of rt. 896 there is Lums Pond state park, they have great facilities there including piers and a boat rental...you can catch cats, bass, perch, crappie, bluegills -Delaware City has a park that you can fish from -the C&D canal like others said has piers to fish from for a mix of perch and cats -there are numerous holes/bridges to fish from all along RT. 9 (Reedy Point, Augustine Beach, Taylors Bridge) -if you dont mind taking a 30-45 min drive there is Woodland Beach in Smyrna which also offers a pier(saw a keeper striper pulled out of there a week or so ago caught on bloodworms)
  10. Washed up whale in Del. had fractured skull - wtop.com [video=youtube;k0mDuAZaoNQ] FENWICK ISLAND, Del. - A necropsy of a 50-ton female Fin whale that washed ashore on Fenwick Island Friday afternoon found the extremely decomposed whale had a fractured skull. Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation Institute Executive Director Suzanne Thurman said Monday evening that the multiple fractures indicate a ship probably struck the 61-foot, adult female whale. MERR, a non-profit organization that works to conserve marine mammals, conducted the necropsy after heavy equipment pulled the whale from the water about a half-mile north of the Fenwick Island State Park. The Coast Guard first spotted the whale Wednesday morning about 4.5 miles off the Delaware coast. Thurman says her group waited to see where the whale would land. MERR cordoned off the section of the ocean where the bloated carcass came in, keeping people from getting too close to it. Members of the group answered questioned as curious people came to take a look at it. Thurman says heavy equipment will be brought back in Tuesday to bury the whale. This is the time of year that whales are traveling along the East Coast. Roughly 30 species of marine mammals and sea turtles can be seen along the Delaware coast every year. While it's unusual for dead whales to be found along the Delmarva coast, this is the second one to wash up this month. An 11-ton, 31-foot-long humpback whale carcass washed up at Ocean City, Md., March 13. A necropsy of that whale found its skull had been fractured, most likely by a ship strike, says Cindy Driscoll, veterinarian for Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  11. thanks alot for the input guys, it definately makes the big picture clearer, now i have one question left.........is it july yet?????