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  1. Sold sold
  2. 95 qt icey tek cooler $ 125.00 cash. Local pickup. John
  3. ROY RIG, is a jig and tail invented by Big Bird Cropper, and is supposed to be a fish slaying machine. JOHN
  4. what is a roy rig, and where can i purchase them ? thanks, JOHN
  5. Thanks guys, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. hope we have some warm weather so i can get back out on the sand. JOHN
  6. fished AI from 1145am till 330pm, all riggeged up for large stripers, caught 9 puppy drum from 12" - 24". missed alot more, wish i'd brought some lighter rods, only saw 3 other trucks on the beach. reason for late start > tide was all the way to the markers, had to wait about 45 min for tide to fall. dense fog all day. stiil a great day on the beach, probably my last trip for the year. JOHN
  7. anyone heard if the osv is open yet ?
  8. stopped at lucky angler yesterday and picked up bait and some new sand spikes, ( super prices ), fished AI in the rain and sprinkles, caught 1 shark and several blues, missed 4 huge take downs. now getting ready for 2 weeks on Ocracoke Island, NC. JOHN
  9. sold sold sold thanks
  10. nice job dave
  11. sam i correct myself, they are clearnose skate. fished AI yesterday from 7 am - 230 pm, 1 smooth butterfly ray, complete with another rig . saw approx 8 very nice stripers caught south of me. JOHN
  12. fished AI today from 10 am till 4 pm, lots of clear nose rays, several sharks, and lots of sun. from what i saw, it looks like the outer bar is unbroken from the first ramp to the VA line. JOHN
  13. Never mind.
  14. just found a anglers alum., fold up rod rack that mounts to the frame of the truck. any suggestions on who can mount this for me. in this area. i have a mount but its for a different truck, but i think it could be modified to fit. called justice welding a week ago no response. JOHN
  15. price reduction $ 425.oo JOHN