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  1. Getting cabin fever, so I figured I would post... Funny, I was going to go Surf fishing last Tuesday when the weather was nice but thought, now way there is anything out there.... then I read a post that Stripers up to 35" are being caught still!!! WTF? Is that normal? Anyone know if Tog boats are running now?
  2. Good questions, I was wondering that myself... How many rods? Although, 2 is probably enough to monitor, especially if the fish are biting! Can you stay on the beach overnight? I wanted to go down around sunset and fish till sunrise. Where can you do that in Delaware?
  3. Got burned by Ole Salt Bait and Tackle in Lewes... They sold me "Fresh Bunker" that was clearly frozen & thawed... 100% complete Mush! The only part of the bait that would stay on the hook was the head, what good is that... so, All we caught from the surf at Henelopen today was 2 skates. Check your bait BEFORE you leave the store to insure that it is actually what they claim as Fresh!
  4. Well, I am kicking myself for not seeing this post before I went down today! I went to Ole Salt Bait and Tackle on New Road in Lewes today and was told a great story by the guys behind the counter. "We have FRESH bunker!" they said. "We drove over and hour and a half just to get it this morning." So I figured I was going to have a great day on the beach and hopefully catch some dinner... Needless to say, I didn't inspect the bait before I left, just paid them my $9 for about 6 fish and was on my way. Once I got everything set up on the beach ready to bait up, I started cutting some chunks. The first thing I noticed was the puff of air that came from the bunker as I pressed on it. I cut a chunk and it was pure MUSH!!! 100% frozen/thawed Bunker! I wanted to drive back to the bait shop and complain, but by the time I packed up, refilled the tires, drove back etc, etc... my day would be ruined. So I tried to make the best of it, but the only part of the Bunker that would stay on a hook was the head. I can honestly say it was a very frustrating day. Had I been told the TRUTH by the guys at Ole Salt, I would have opted for some clams or artificial bait so I wouldn't have spent the day watching chunks of fish fly one way while my rig flew another! So from my experience today I say BEWARE of "FRESH BUNKER" being sold at Ole Salt Bait and Tackle in Lewes!!!
  5. I am looking to go surf fishing tomorrow. Any suggestions on where to go? What bait/lures to use? Anything biting out there? I am new to surf fishing and this will be my first time really trying. I have soaked my rods during the summer a few times and have caught a few blues and sand sharks, but tomorrow I am on the hunt! I was thinking Henelopen?
  6. So the guys you helped stole your winch handle? They are scumbags! What A holes! Karma will come back on them and they will get what they deserve. Nice fishin!!!
  7. Went out last Tuesday and drifted IRI all incoming tide. Massive small blues were fun for about an hour... You could almost just reach over the side and grab them... Hooked a few small flounder just inside the Red Roof Looks like I will be going down again tomorrow 11/25 for one last day before I have to pull the boat out. Hopefully I can get something worth eating.
  8. So the Coast Gaurd Station is gone as we know it. My favorite nighttime fishing spot for years is no more. No great corner to create eddies for the fish to hang out in. No more light to attract the bait fish. Now what? I know it is going to be safer and better for the water movement, but it really was a GREAT spot that I have called home at night for the past 6 Years. Now what do I do? Has anyone been fishing the "New Wall" at night? If so, post up your thoughts. Thanks! Mike
  9. Man have I been out of it this summer... I think I am bummed that the coast guard wall and light are gone... I have been out to sea twice this summer and caught my first Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi and White Marlin! I havent fished the bays much at all... Only one keeper flounder all summer and not much else... Did the croakers ever show up this summer???Heading out to the inlet today to battle crowds of inexperienced boaters to hopefully catch some dinner and not get run over!Maybe I will get out more between now and November
  10. It's been a slow summer for me so far... Managed to pick up a 26" 7lb flattie in the VFW and a nice 22" in Masseys, but that's about it. Somehow I missed all the hot striper action in the inlet Maybe I will get lucky in the fall. Gonna try and get out this week.
  11. Yea, some people are dicks... I have had a few run ins with some nasty people while fishing the CG at night both in boats and from the rocks.... On another note, my official fishing season begins next Friday at the Lewes Founder Tournament! Here are the details... The annual Lewes Harbor Canal Flounder Tournament, sponsored by the Dewey Beach Lions Club takes place Friday May 20, 2011. This is a flounder only tournament, and all state and federal regulations apply. Fishing must be done from a boat that is not moored to land. Entry fee is $25 cash per angler. There is no limit to the number of anglers per boat, but safety should be kept in mind. Five dollars of the entry fee will be donated to the Camp Awareness Youth Fishing Tournament, benefiting young area anglers. The remaining money will collect in a pool, and be split among anglers weighing in the six heaviest flounder as follows: First Heaviest-35% of the pool, Second Heaviest-25%, Third Heaviest-20%, Fourth Heaviest-10%, Fifth Heaviest-5%, Sixth Heaviest-5%. The angler who catches the Seventh Heaviest flounder will receive a $100 Lewes Harbor Marina Gift Certificate. The more anglers that enter, the larger the dollar values of the prizes. Anglers must register at Lewes Harbor Marina before 7am May 20, 2011. No sign ups will be accepted after the start time of 7am on that day. Fishing hours are from 7am to 3pm May 20, 2011. The boundaries for fishing are the Rehoboth Bay Canal entrance to the Oyster Rocks ramp on Broadkill River. You may fish within Roosevelt inlet, but not past the red and green markers at the entrance. No fishing permitted in Delaware or Rehoboth Bay. Flounder may be weighed at the Lewes Harbor Marina scale any time between 7am and 4pm May 20, 2011. No weigh ins after 4pm on that date. It is strongly recommended that flounder be weighed in live, and brought to the scale soon after it is caught. In the event of a tie for weight, the flounder weighed earliest takes the higher prize. Joe Morris can disqualify any questionable flounder if he feels the fish was not caught during the Tournament. Anglers fishing must give the right of way to any vessel underway in the Canal.
  12. That Sucks! I depend on that light all summer! I hope they put it back up, if not, I probably won't be night fishing anymore.