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  1. So I've been saltwater fishing for my entire life but it's been on long island sound in Connecticut. If anyone knows the area, you can catch some lunkers but they're few and far between. I've done all the research and more because I'm so amped about going down to <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> ato do some surf fishing and hopefully getting my hands on a nice striper or two, or even a Black drum. I'm coming in thursday morning the 14th and if there is anyone who's around who could just show me a spot or two on the stretch of beach that has some promising structure I would more than appreciate it. I've done the research but I know from experience it takes experience.
  2. is it possible to harvest and mussels, clams, or blue crabs on assateague island around this time? Any advice is much appreciated.
  3. Sounds awesome!! Thanks a lot for the tip. Yeah I read this link which helped....Reading the water, again... - SurfTalk
  4. A bunch of friends and I are heading down to Assateague March 13th through the end of the weekend. I an experienced fisherman but I've never been to the island. I've been doing research and was wondering is someone could tell me what I could expect to catch that time of year down there. I've seen a lot of the shark pictures and have the kayaks to bring bait far out but wanted to know if they'll even be active in-shore that early. Also I know most guys are tight lipped when it comes to spots but if someone could point me in the right direction as far as location it would be much appreciated although I'm not sure that that is really possible when it comes to surf fishing. Thanks for any help.